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Defining Your Organization’s Strategic Wellness Vision

Exemplified by Verve, a credit union 
Supported by WCWI’s Guiding Principle: Believe in the Significance of Wellbeing


WCWI’s Guiding Principles support organizations in articulating the value, impact and outcomes of their employee wellbeing strategy. The first guiding principle, believe in the significance of wellbeing, is especially important in serving as the underpinning of the vision for wellness at your organization. This guiding principle connects to five critical questions that – when discussed and answered by your leadership and planning teams – will assure you define a strategic wellness vision that is infused by what matters most for your organization and your people. 

Whether you do or don’t have a wellness vision currently, the practice of envisioning the future of impact is helpful to re-visit ongoing. It aligns you and your team in establishing the compelling purpose of your work in wellbeing. It keeps you all connected and moving together toward that envisioned future. And the wellness vision is the driving force of the strategy you execute.

WCWI created this resource to help you answer five critical questions, based on WCWI’s Guiding Principle: Believe in the Significance of Wellbeing. As you define, or reimagine, your organization’s wellness vision: 

  1. Does your organization support people to ground themselves in wellbeing to be their best? 
  2. How is your organization catalyzing wellness as foundational, strategic, and systemic
  3. What is the “why” behind your wellness strategy? 
  4. How does the strategy live in the culture of your organization, ensuring that wellbeing is inclusive and for all? 
  5. What is the desired end-state of your organization’s wellness strategy?

And WCWI gratefully acknowledges within this resource, Verve, a credit union – a WCWI member and an innovative leader in supporting the wellbeing of their team members – who is highlighted as an example of a company who has set a clear vision for wellbeing and is actively working toward it. Through this employer example, you will see how Verve, a credit union answers each of the five critical questions in their vision. From there, you’ll be ready to create (or reimagine) a vision for how wellbeing is significant at your organization, how it connects to the business priorities and the core values, and how it lives in the culture for your people.

Use the three tools in this resource to:

  • Learn from a comprehensive example based on an actual WCWI employer member
  • Draft the reimagined wellness vision for your organization
  • Guide discussion with your planning team and leadership to co-create the ultimate vision for wellness at your organization



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