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What's new in workplace wellness?

  • Industry shift to wellbeing strategies that support the whole employee
  • Expanded view of wellbeing to include such areas as social connectedness, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment 

Why is WCWI's BIG little THINGS exciting and new?

This wellness challenge explores the whole person by focusing on:

  • Social connectedness
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Career fulfillment
  • Financial wellbeing

What does the 6-week challenge include:

  • A daily self-care check-in assessing employee's wellbeing.
  • Space to reflect on areas of opportunity to grow and find balance with self-care.

Don't have time to create another challenge?

We know that in today's busy world it's not easy to find ready-made resources that help support this industry shift of employee wellbeing that is whole-person focused and human driven.  That is why BIG little THINGS is that turn-key wellness challenge to help your organization support the whole employee as part of your organization's overall wellbeing strategy.

WCWI's newest wellness challenge, BIG little THINGS, raises awareness about the BIG impact that little self-care activities can have on overall wellbeing.

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