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Celebrating Wisconsin’s Employees & Leaders Impacting Wellness

The annual Light of Wellness (LOW) Awards serve as a platform for Wisconsin employers to recognize and celebrate the wellness achievements of their employees and leaders. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to highlight your colleague’s success, but LOW Award winners receive statewide recognition at WCWI’s Annual Awards Ceremony and at the Annual Conference.

The LOW Awards have a rich history in Wisconsin. The Awards were named after William M. Kizer, Omaha insurance executive, and the man who sparked the original idea of connecting companies to focus on encouraging wellness practices in the workplace, and ultimately inspired the formation of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin. Since 2012, the LOW Awards have recognized employees across three categories: Healthy Behavior, Leadership, and Rising Light.
As the workplace wellness industry continues to shift towards designing wellbeing strategies that are inclusive, collaborative, and focused on supporting the whole employee, we took action to update the LOW categories to align with the industry’s direction. 

Introducing the updated categories of the Light of Wellness Awards and how they’ve evolved:

  • Reflection Award (formerly Healthy Behaviors)
    • Celebrates the positive impact that an employee has experienced in their own wellness through the support of their employer’s wellness strategy.  
    • This category has expanded to encompass success stories of employees who have pursued and fulfilled their wellness goals across any dimension of wellness.
    • The Reflection Award embodies someone who has successfully translated the skills or experiences they’ve had through their employer’s wellbeing initiative into their own lifestyle, and/or that of their family and larger community.
  • Ignite Award (formerly Leadership)
    • Celebrates a committed senior-level leader who has a clear passion for driving the wellness value story at their organization.
    • This category has evolved to focus on senior-level leaders who are change agents in their organization and who prioritize wellness as a strategic business responsibility. 
    • The Ignite Award describes an influential member of the leadership team who is actively involved in creating and supporting the wellness strategy, inspires others to join the wellness movement, is a role model, and demonstrates ongoing commitment to the culture of wellness.
  • Rising Light Award (same name but elevated description!)
    • Celebrates the wellness journey and honors an employee who is using the support of their organization’s wellness strategy to begin to focus on their own wellbeing.
    • This category recognizes the impact that an employer’s wellness initiative has had to empower and encourage someone to begin focusing on their own wellness aspirations.
    • The Rising Light Award depicts an employee that was inspired to care for their own wellbeing or experienced newfound support through the resources and initiatives that their employer offers.

Nominate someone today!

Do you have a fellow employee or colleague who deserves to be recognized for transforming their own wellness, or beginning a significant journey? Or do you know a leader who is igniting change in their organization by prioritizing the wellbeing of their employees? Consider nominating them for a Light of Wellness Award!  The deadline to nominate is July 29th.

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