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We Bravely Act Together

By Wellness Council of Wisconsin 

 A WCWI Guiding Principle  

We are courageous in our work to widen the scope of wellbeing and to transform Wisconsin’s workforce. We strive to see through all lenses and to be driven by empathy and compassion. We seek diverse perspectives and ideas and we make space that is welcoming for all. If we have to call on our bravery, we’re doing something right. 

The spheres of influence driving the wellbeing of employees are deep and inter-connected. Wellbeing cannot be impacted in a silo. It takes a collective effort across leaders and strategists in our organizations, and employers in our communities, to act with intention and courage as we work toward creating positive impact for the wellbeing of our people and workplaces. To bravely act is to: 

  • invite many perspectives to the table, 
  • view the complexities of the employee experience with empathy, 
  • and work together to strengthen employee wellbeing 

Organizations, leaders, and strategists who are bold in valuing their people, taking risks, and compassionately going beyond the usual limits of conventional action are poised to take brave action together. We invite you to bravely act together with us! 

Let’s breakdown the elements of this guiding principle: 

1. When we say that we are courageous in our work to widen the scope of employee wellbeing: 

Wellbeing is complex. It’s what people think and feel about their lives and it’s impacted by many things. In the workplace, we have to bravely look through a wider, deeper, more flexible and inclusive frame to be more effective in supporting the wellbeing of our people.  

2. When we say that we strive to see through all lenses and to be driven by empathy and compassion: 

Perspective taking is the ability to understand how a situation appears to another person and to use empathy and compassion in our response as we develop strategies that are more inclusive to the wellbeing needs of all. Perspective taking is one of our most powerful tools that we, as wellbeing strategists and leaders, can use to build relationships, effectively collaborate, and take action alongside others in our organization in our efforts to positively impact wellbeing. 

3. When we say that we seek diverse perspectives and ideas and we make space that is welcoming for all: 

When we all take responsibility to contribute to creating an inclusive work environment, we convey our respect for different perspectives, backgrounds, customs, abilities, behavior norms, accessibility and wellbeing needs. We exemplify cultural awareness to collaborate across all levels and roles within the organization. To make space for all, we believe in the power of conversation and the opportunity that arises from every new conversation.

 3 Resources to support your learning and practice of the guiding principle, Bravely Act Together:  

  • WCWI’s Building Your Impact & Influence Method #4: Collaboration.
    • We have an informal responsibility to remove siloes within our organization and collaborate to support employees in their wellbeing.
    • Use this resource to build your efforts of collaborating across departments and individuals in your organization.
    • And learn from real examples of collaboration with insight from WCWI member, Kohler Co. 
  • The Wellbeing Foundation Builder from WCWI partner, humanworks8.
    • Use this resource to go on a journey into each of the “people touchpoints” - or areas of your business that impact people - including communication, belonging, talent discovery, onboarding, performance management and more.
    • This will support your brave action within your organization as you explore of the areas and opportunities to support wellbeing.  
  • WCWI’s Facilitator Guides for Wellbeing Discussions

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