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Annual Conference speakers announced!

Why does the evolution of worksite wellness matter?  Well, we have come a long way on the wellness continuum.  Yesterday, worksite wellness was about healthcare costs. Today, worksite wellness is about people. Tomorrow, worksite wellness will be about higher performing employees and higher performing organizations.  So, how do we ignite our workforce, our organizations and ourselves for these emerging ideas in worksite wellness? 
On September 14, 2016, over 550 likeminded professionals will explore the science of health and human performance that is transforming organizations at our 26th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference:  Igniting the Evolution of Wellness.  Our speakers will illuminate and challenge you with evolving ideas about energy, engagement, leadership, performance, culture, motivation, and technology.  You can view the entire list of speakers and session descriptions on our Annual Conference webpage, allowing you to customize your learning agenda for the day! 
This worksite wellness event of the year delivers an agenda that features two inspiring keynotes and ten innovative breakout sessions.
Here’s what you don’t want to miss:


  • Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, will focus on energy management to help empower you and your employees to manage and expand critical resources for high performance, energy capacity, ever- increasing demands and productivity without sacrificing health and happiness.
  • David Hunnicutt, former WELCOA CEO and current Managing Member of David Hunnicutt, Int’l, will zero in on the forgotten and neglected business practice that virtually guarantees engagement, organizational performance, and individual well-being.

Skill Building Session Topics: 

  • The Digital Health Revolution
  • Defining the Gray Area Under Current Wellness Law 
  • Embracing the Millennial Mindset 
  • How to Build a Culture of Wellness and Make Fitness Fun
  • Integrating Healthcare, Wellness, and Safety Strategies
  • Implementing Financial Wellness into Your Organization
  • Workplace Wellness: A Catalyst for an Engaging Life
  • Ways Participants Irrationally Fail to Choose Wellness
  • Why Leaders Should Pay Attention to Mindfulness
  • Are Workplace Clinics Right for Your Organization?

New this year! 

  • Igniting Action Think Tanks turn passion into action through a series of interactive activities designed to generate ideas for igniting our workforce, our organizations and ourselves. Ideas will be documented and shared during the session and after the conference concludes to continue our collaborative problem-solving efforts. To ensure an organic, communal experience where innovative ideas can be openly discussed, these sessions will be limited in size based on first-come-first-serve registration.  

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