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Announcing Wisconsin’s 2019 Champions of Employee Wellbeing

WCWI is a community of connected employers who are transforming Wisconsin's workforce.  For many years, our member organizations have had the opportunity to receive national recognition for their overall employee wellbeing strategies through WELCOA’s Well Workplace Award. Additionally, the employees participating in these strategies have had the opportunity to be recognized through WCWI’s Light of Wellness Awards. For the first time in 30 years, we are excited to individually recognize the designers, leaders, and influencers who are actively creating the strategy of these employee wellbeing initiatives through The WCWI Leaderboard: Wisconsin’s Champions of Employee Wellbeing.  
The WCWI Leaderboard nominations were opened in February 2019 with the launch of WCWI’s new member benefit created with KyndKit. WCWI received over 30 nominations of senior leaders, wellness practitioners, and wellness team members throughout the state who are truly moving the needle within their organization and/or clients they serve. 
The nominations were reviewed by a committee of WCWI Board of Directors and WCWI staff, and the selected finalists represent Wisconsin’s Champions of Employee Wellbeing. These 7 Champions play a lead role in developing an employee wellbeing strategy that supports the employee as a whole and they are creating true change within organizational culture.  
WCWI Leaderboard Champions
years of experience in the field
employees supported globally through their individual work
We applaud these individuals who are transforming Wisconsin’s workforce:  
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Nominations for our 2020 Champions are open and will close sometime February/March of 2020 with more details to follow.  Learn more about this opportunity here.  

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