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Addiction Support at Sartori Company

Sartori Company formally discusses addictions once every 2 years. They engage their team with story, connection to the community and utilize support resources through their EAP and internal wellness app. Check out this Well Practice to see how they communicate addictions and partner with the community to bring awareness.

In order to utilize the support around mental health specifically for Sheboygan County, Sartori tapped into the resources put together by the MHA (Mental Health of America). Check out their recenly updated Directory of Community Resources.

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Sartori’s wellness program has been in place for about six years. They address quarterly topics that mean the most to their employees. It seems that most people find value in focusing on one topic throughout a three month span to be engaging. Our wellness and activities committee serves over 500 team members and each person in the committee has a chance to be creative with their quarterly topic and present material in whatever means excites them.

Emily Novack is the Wellness Manager for Sartori Company. As a community of connected employers, we encourage you to reach out to Emily if you have further questions around the work she is doing for Sartori employees. You can contact Emily at 

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