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A Strategy to Support Change

Guest Blogger:
Hanlie Van Wyk
Culture change Expert, Systems Strategist, Personal Change Coach, Author 
WCWI's Q3 & Q4 Regional Workshop Facilitator
A Strategy to Support Change

It may not be obvious at first but knowing how to let go is a critical step toward change. It requires courage to let go of the security that comes with knowing. Almost none of us relish taking on the risk of appearing incompetent and feeling uncertain. All that while taking a deep dive into that well-known ‘learning zone’ where your confidence is tested; your motivation is tried; and you are likely to experience the very real temptation of going back to the know: those familiar old behaviors. At Change Craft we know about these very human feeling and experiences when you are invited, challenged or choose to change. To support long-term change and manage the associated feelings during change we have developed a framework that support humans in change.
How are you helping your peers, colleagues and friends at work get ready for change? Do you have a plan?

The Habit Adoption Formula: Use Four Contexts + Leverage the Four Powers 

The Four Powers is a synthesis of latest thinking in behavioral psychology, combining the works of leading protagonists to generate a comprehensive but practical framework for effective and engaging healthy habit adoption. It helps our clients to create wellbeing interventions that optimize the pace at which healthy, happy and secure (‘pivotal’) habits are adopted, and hence increase frequency at which desired outcomes are achieved. It also provides a lens through which wellbeing programs may be viewed to determine where gaps exist in your approach to pivotal habit creation.
What formula do you use to ensure the adoption of health and happiness habits in your workplace?

Culture change Expert, Systems Strategist, Personal Change Coach, Author 

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