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WCWI’s Expert Contributor on Culture


As WCWI continues to support our community of 450+ connected employers to shift the narrative of wellbeing in Wisconsin, we have sought out leaders in a variety of wellbeing specialties to partner with and create exclusive member resources and learning opportunities.  Like Shawn Gulyas, The Thought Catalyst with humanworks, and WCWI’s Expert Contributor on Culture. 

Shawn exists to design and facilitate creative experiences that challenge one’s thinking and action – helping individuals and companies find their authenticity, breathe into their well-being and elevate their people touchpoints. Learn more about Shawn’s expertise in organizational culture

As we transitioned into a New Year, we wanted to know what Shawn’s takeaways were from 2020. Here’s what he had to say:



1) Lesson 1: A belonging culture doesn’t happen without concerted effort. 

2) Lesson 2: Talented unique individuals rally around what matter most:  values, learning, and wellbeing.

3) Lesson 3: Take everything that you think is happening naturally within your organization, and tend to it better with more intent. 

4) Recommended Resource: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin  

5) Recommended Resource: Personality isn’t Permanent by Benjamin P. Hardy, PhD 



Thursday, January 28 at 2:00 PM

The Significance of Employee Wellbeing with WCWI's Expert Contributors

Join our January Member Resource Group for a collaborative discussion with our Expert Contributors as they share their niche expertise, perspectives on the future of employee wellbeing, and answer questions submitted by you through registration. Topics to be included are: culture, leadership, mental health, and workplace environment and design. 

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