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3 Ways Wisconsin Employers are Supporting Stress Management

The case has been made time and again that employee stress directly effects organizational culture, employee engagement, and everyone's overall wellbeing. Here are a few articles that dive into this relationship further:  The Benefit of Stress Management for Employees, Workplace Trend: Stress is on the Rise, and Workplace Stress by The AIS.

Let's all agree that the best solution is a comprehensive and collaborative employee wellbeing strategy.

Throughout 2019, our staff has shared best practices of employee wellbeing strategies. Our Program Manager, Angeline Day, helped navigate the industry definitions of wellbeing and what it means to support the "whole employee" in her article, Defining Wellness to Support the Whole Employee. If you notice, each definition provided by national leaders includes concepts that focus on resiliency and human elements that directly affect one's stress.
Last month, our Executive Director, Marissa Kalkman, discussed the importance of pivoting how we support our employees through wellness initiatives in her article, Fostering Wellbeing through the Workplace Environment, Policies, and Practices. We often focus on helping individuals through our wellness programs by asking them to change their behavior and develop healthier habits. We focus on their personal health risks and sparking their internal motivation with the hope to improve their health status. Kalkman posed the question of "could we transfer some of our efforts toward changing the structures, systems, and environment at work to have an even greater impact on their wellness?"  What else can be done to cultivate an environment that supports wellbeing? 
If you want to dive deeper into conversation regarding comprehensive strategies, we're happy to help you and your team!  Let's connect! 

Within a comprehensive employee wellbeing strategy, what are Wisconsin employers doing to combat stress in their workplaces?

WCWI's community is built of connected employers throughout Wisconsin representing all industries and sizes. Here are a few shared resources that are exemplifying how WCWI Members are finding success: 
1. Creating Policies that Support Stress Management
The Starr Group created this policy to make stress management a priority. The Starr Group earned a WELCOA Well Workplace Award in 2017 and have approximately 30 employees. 



2. Providing Ways to Give Kindness 
Over 80 employers have participated in WCWI's KyndKit project to help their employees express gratitude to educators in Wisconsin with complimentary Kyndkits delivered to their workplace. 



3. Supporting Employee Resiliency Skills
Choose to Renew U is a three-month challenge created by Froedtert Health that focuses on reconnecting with your purpose, self-reflection, acts of kindness, gratefulness, and more!


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