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Regional Workshop with Brian Passon

Creating Transformational Experiences:

How to Leverage Their Power for Human Impact


Looking for an immersive experience to be inspired, learn from, and be able to apply new insights in practical ways?
We've designed this intensive workshop with you and your organization in mind... 




Featuring Speaker and Constructive Disruptor:

Brian Passon 

Thursday, November 14

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8:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Marquette University
*Lunch will be included

Forward-thinking organizations understand that their responsibility isn’t just providing a job for their employees; it’s also about taking care of their people and supporting them to perform and develop into their best selves. In this workshop, renowned speaker and facilitator, Brian Passon, will dive deep into this philosophy to connect what he calls The Seven key practices to help you creatively support the wellbeing of your people. Brian believes that “experiences are an opportunity to transform people, to better yourself, and to better your organization.” He will share ideas and concepts to help you elevate your wellness programs into meaningful experiences that will have long-lasting impact.

After attending this workshop, you’ll walk away with:
  • Tangible examples and ideas for how to create experiences to empower your people toward a better version of themselves 
  • Insights from Brian Passon, the energetic co-founder and facilitator of Wellness Underground, as he shares stories and examples to inspire more meaningful, strategic, and joyful employee experiences
  • An understanding of, and ideas to apply, The Seven key practices for creating transformational experiences
  • Guidance for using the four types of experiences to design the ultimate impact of your wellbeing strategies in support of your employees at work and in life 
  • New ideas from your real-time practice creating experiences with your fellow workshop participants


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Registration is now closed.

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Brian takes great joy in being constructively disruptive and helping people and organizations think and act in ways that facilitate their success and see what really is possible. Brian speaks and consults with people and organizations to inspire more meaningful, strategic and joyful employee experiences. He believes that to change the culture of a workplace we must be focused on long-term objectives and that are supported with the right infusion of strategy, science, creativity, and “Edutainment”. Along with being the cofounder and facilitator of Wellness Underground/ A People Movement, Brian has also started and led several networking groups across the U.S. around employee health & productivity. Most recently, Brian has partnered with Geno Church, a word of mouth marketing guru, to create a new company called The Shared Ship, that helps organizations create authentic internal community so they can then build amazing communities of external advocates that love the organization or brand. 
Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise from Warner Pacific University in Portland, Oregon and a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. He is a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, has served as an adjunct faculty member for Elms College, and has extensive experience working with the Y.M.C.A and Boys & Girls Clubs where he focused his efforts on helping children develop an enjoyment of physical activity throughout their lives. When he is not trying to improve the culture, community leadership, experience and productivity of an organization, you can find him teaching his children about the finer points of woodworking and DIYing a Victorian house while making a carrot cake from scratch at the same time. Originally from Oregon, Brian calls Windsor, Connecticut home, with his wife and three daughters.


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