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Well Workplace Process


For over 30 years, the Wellness Council of Wisconsin has been teaching employers how to build and sustain wellness programs.   For over 20 years, WELCOA has been studying America’s Healthiest Companies and developed WELCOA’s patented Well Workplace Process.  WELCOA’s process has identified 7 Benchmarks that serve as an evidence-based framework for building a results-oriented wellness program

1.    Capturing CEO Support
2.    Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
3.    Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts
4.    Carefully Crafting an Operating Plan           
5.    Choosing Appropriate Interventions
6.    Creating Supportive Environments
7.    Carefully Evaluating Outcomes

For organizations with 50 or fewer employees, WELCOA developed the Small Business initiative, which provides the opportunity to structure a wellness program that complements the small business. Created as an important addition to the Well Workplace Awards process, there are ten specific steps that WELCOA recommends a small business adopt.

1.   Capturing CEO Support
2.   Designating a Company Wellness Leader
3.   Conducting an Employee Health Interest Survey
4.   Providing an Opportunity for Health Screening
5.   Administering an Annual Physical Activity Campaign
6.   Holding a Healthy Eating In-service/Lunch 'n Learn
7.   Establishing an In-house Wellness Library
8.   Disseminating a Quarterly Health Newsletter
9.   Implementing Healthy Policies and Procedures
10.  Supporting Community Health Efforts

10 Steps to Jump Start the Well Workplace Process

1.    Become a Member
2.    Complete Your Member Orientation
3.    Complete the Well Workplace Checklist
4.    Receive a Program Consult (Corporate Members) 
5.    Participate in Programs & Events
6.    Network with Like-Minded Organizations
7.    Take Advantage of Membership Tools & Resources
8.    Implement the Well Workplace Process
9.    Complete Well Workplace Award Orientation
10.  Achieve National Recognition via Well Workplace Award


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