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WELCOA's 7 Benchmarks

For over 30 years, the Wellness Council of Wisconsin has been teaching employers how to build and sustain wellness programs. For over 20 years, WELCOA has been studying America’s Healthiest Companies and developed WELCOA’s patented Well Workplace Process.  WELCOA’s process has identified 7 Benchmarks that serve as an evidence-based framework for building a results-oriented wellness program:

  1. Committed and Aligned Leadership
  2. Collaboration in Support of Wellness
  3. Collecting Meaningful Data to Evolve a Wellness Strategy
  4. Crafting an Operating Plan
  5. Choosing Initiatives that Support the Whole Employee
  6. Cultivate Supportive Health Promoting Environments, Policies and Practices
  7. Conduct Evaluation, Communicate, Celebrate, and Iterate
WCWI and it's Wisconsin members played a significant role in WELCOA's 7 Benchmark evolution from 2016-2018. 

Watch Ryan Picarella's, CEO of WELCOA, 2018 conference keynote to learn about your impact and the evolution.

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