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The WCWI Leaderboard:

Wisconsin's Champions of Employee Wellbeing

Opportunities to be courageous are all around us. These opportunities are not always in our comfort zone and they may not be easy, but there is reward in the risk taking. Every courageous choice we make is a choice to learn, grow, and step into possibility.  These possibilities lead us to taking action in pushing a boundary, trying a new strategy, challenging the status quo, and using our voice. 
We see how you have been called to be a fierce advocate for the wellbeing of your employees. Through the uncertainty of a changing environment and the wide-ranging impact of an ongoing global pandemic, you are prevailing as champions who are acting with care, compassion, and courage. 

The 4 Champions of WCWI's 2020 Leaderboard will have their stories professionally produced by Skill Scout as a part of WCWI's Pre-Conference.


As a WCWI Champion of Employee Wellbeing you will:

  • be featured on The WCWI Leaderboard webpage with your story, quote, and picture.  
  • make a video professionally edited by Skill Scout in which you tell your courageous story
  • be placed among highly esteemed and well respected professionals within Wisconsin's employee wellbeing industry. 
  • be recognized at WCWI's 30 Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference through the showing of your video to all 500+ attendees.
  • be featured in WCWI's blog, eNewsletters, and social media. 


Apply to be Wisconsin's Champion of Employee Wellbeing

Submissions due by Thursday, August 27. 

Your 2019 Champions:

These individuals have been selected by a WCWI Board of Directors committee and WCWI staff to represent Wisconsin’s Champions of Employee Wellbeing. Champions play a lead role in developing an employee wellbeing strategy that supports the employee as a whole and are creating true change within organizational culture. We applaud these individuals who are transforming Wisconsin’s workforce.  

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See who's creating change for their people and organization. 

Wisconsin Employers Transforming employee wellbeing


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