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The Wellness Council of Wisconsin Light of Wellness Awards

Is one of your employees a wellness inspiration? The Light of Wellness Awards allows WCWI members the opportunity to showcase individual employees who have demonstrated leadership or success as part of their wellness program!  View your 2018 Light of Wellness Award Recipients.

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 History of Light of Wellness Awards

Named in honor of William M. Kizer, who first inspired the idea of worksite wellness in Wisconsin and ignited the Wellness Council of Wisconsin, the Light of Wellness Awards give our member organizations the opportunity to showcase the extraordinary wellness achievements of individual employees. Their successes should reflect active participation in the wellness programs offered by their employer.


 Nomination Guidelines
  • Organizations must be Wisconsin employers with at least two (2) employees, hold Wellness Council of Wisconsin membership in good standing, and offer a worksite wellness program.
  • Nominations must be submitted electronically
  • Please limit nominations to two (2) per organization
  • The awards fall into three categories:
    • Healthy Behavior
    • Leadership
    • Rising Light
 About the Light of Wellness Award: Healthy Behavior

Healthy Behavior celebrates the accomplishments of an employee who has made significant lifestyle changes by incorporating healthy behaviors as a result of participation in their employer's wellness program. They may have achieved sustained changes such as a regular exercise regimen, quitting smoking, or managing a chronic health condition.

 About the Light of Wellness Award: Leadership

Leadership recognizes an individual who has inspired others to join the wellness movement, served as a role model, and/or demonstrated ongoing participation and commitment to the worksite wellness program. Nominees may be wellness managers, organizational leadership, or team members, and they may have played a key role in advancing wellness as a top strategic priority for their organization.


 About the Light of Wellness Award: Rising Light

Rising Light honors an employee who participates in their employer's wellness program and has taken the initial steps toward success in their wellness journey; for example, they may have recently attempted to quit smoking or begun an exercise regimen after being resistant to make changes. It is our hope that this award provides the recipient with encouragement to continue to strive for positive, healthy change.

 Nomination Review Process

Industry and community leaders along with our Board of Directors, will review all nomination forms received. One winner will be chosen in each of the three categories listed above. 

 Award Designation

Winners will be recognized during the Wellness Council of Wisconsin's Annual Well Workplace Awards Ceremony. Award recipients will be required to attend the ceremony.



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