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Light of Wellness Recipients

Light of Wellness Awards give our member organizations the opportunity to showcase the extraordinary wellness achievements that individual employees have accomplished through participation in their worksite wellness programs.

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Healthy Behavior: Janet Mezera, Miniature Precision Components (MPC)
Leadership: Dawn Davies, Verve, a Credit Union
Rising Light: Deborah Malcolm, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
                        Anne Rappert, Network Health



Healthy Behavior: Dennis Behreandt,  Appvion    
Leadership: Judy Stellmacher,  Children's Hospital of WI    
Rising Light: Wendy Thompson,  Franklin Energy Services



Healthy Behavior: Sandy Kasper,  Neenah Joint School District    
Leaderhsip: Mike Wallace,  Fort HealthCare    
Rising Light: Debbie Meyer,  J.J. Keller & Associates


Healthy Behavior: William Berden,  Strattec Security Corporation    
Leadership: Cheryl Brah Helwig Carbon Products Inc.    
Rising Light: Jennifer Christianson,  The Boldt Company


Healthy Behavior: Robin Nicholson,  Appleton Papers, Inc.    
Leadership: Shari Anhold,  Strattec Security Corporation    
Rising Light: Ann Mitchell,  Johnsonville Sausage LLC


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