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WCWI’s Coaches have a combined 25+ years of experience in employee wellbeing and each bring a unique skillset across consulting, coaching, learning and development, and wellness strategy design. Your WCWI Coach will work with you to co-create your strategic next steps based on what matters most to you. We are your ultimate local support .
As a benefit of membership, WCWI Member Delegates receive an annual consultation experience that will be customized based on your needs and goals. 
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  1. To schedule your consultation experience, register below and let us know what you’re wanting to focus on. 
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1) What is your role in wellness/wellbeing at your organization? 

2) How long have you been working in employee wellness? 

3) How long has your organization had an employee wellness strategy? 

4) On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate the value and strategic nature of your employee wellbeing approach?  

5) Describe your organization’s current stated goals or priorities for employee wellbeing:

6) Do you have any additional goals or intentions for employee wellbeing at your organizations: 

7) Who are your main collaborators for your employee wellness strategy: 

8) What are the data sources that you use to inform your needs, goals, and planned outcomes for your wellness strategy? 

9) Please select up to three areas you’d like to focus on within your coaching sessions: 

Developing your wellbeing leadership skillset
Navigating the broad wellness industry to focus your professional goals
Mapping your professional growth plan
Elevating your impact in your organization
Integrating wellbeing into the employee experience
Shifting from a programmatic approach to a culture-focused strategy
Re-framing the employee wellbeing strategy at your organization with inclusive and impactful data
Prioritizing the wellbeing needs at your organization and identifying actionable steps for customizing your strategy
Using a reputable framework to elevate your organization’s impact on wellbeing (ex: Social Determinants of Health; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging; Total Worker Health; Seven Benchmarks; The Bell Seal for Mental Health, Compassion Resilience Toolkit, etc)
Re-defining the wellness value story with your leadership and key stakeholders
Building a process plan to develop or re-develop a strategic approach to employee wellbeing at your organization
If you selected other, please describe: 

10) What is most important for you to work on right now: 

11) Describe any barriers you’re currently facing: 

12) To help maximize our time together, what specific questions or needs would you like to discuss: 


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