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The Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) provides a unique consultation experience for its employer members.  With the expertise of WELCOA's 7 Benchmarks and over 30 years of supporting Wisconsin-based organizations by developing and enhancing their employee wellbeing strategies, we have the ultimate local support you've been looking for. 
As a benefit of membership, WCWI Members receive an annual consultation which includes 2 sessions: 
  1. Initial Consultation: This one hour consultation includes tangible takeaways, collaborative next steps, and a follow-up consultation with a WCWI staff member.
  2. Follow-up Consultation: Taking place within a few months of your initial consult, we'll dive deeper into your wellness strategy and assess any actions since the initial consultation.

Transform your wellness strategy with WCWI Consultations:



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-WCWI Member organizations have access to our consultations which include two sessions. Since the organization has access to 2 consultation sessions per year, it is up to its leadership and wellness team to decide who will participate in the consultations. 
--WCWI Consultations will directly serve member organizations who are looking to enhance their internal wellness strategies.  

Looking for help on a topic that's not listed? 

With over 30 years of supporting 500 Wisconsin employers and navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving field of worksite wellness, we have the experience and connected community to support you.

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We're proud to have supported a diverse group of employers over the years.

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