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An intensive training for Wisconsin's innovative wellbeing leaders.

TECH Training is a virtual development and networking group formed with the intention to connect like-minded professionals for collaboration, idea-sharing, and learning. TECH Training will focus on enhancing personal wellbeing, organizational wellbeing, and expanding strategic perspective of wellbeing practitioners across the state of Wisconsin. The TECH Training virtual platform will bring together ten of Wisconsin's innovative wellbeing leaders to collaboratively explore WCWI's TECH curriculum. Aspects of the curriculum include: energy management, high performance, research focused strategy design, insight from industry experts, and sharing ideas with other wellbeing practitioners. Most importantly, TECH Training participants will contribute to the strategic direction of transforming wellbeing for Wisconsin's workforce. Check out the snapshot of TECH Training content below!

Complete your application for TECH 2021

Deadline to apply is June 21, 2021

T:  We will explore your Time and Talent spent modeling wellbeing in your organization.
  • Session 1 (July 2021): Explore energy management principles and the link to high performance
E:  We will Equip and Educate you to engage in new opportunities in the wellbeing industry.
  • Session 2 (August 2021): Review an extensive variety of wellbeing research to design meaningful employee experiences
  • Session 3 (September 2021): Expert guest wellbeing speaker will discuss industry and provide Q & A platform
  • Session 4 (October 2021): Engage in forward thinking discussion around thought-provoking industry book (provided by WCWI)
C:  We will provide the platform to Connect and be Creative through strategic statewide discussions.
  • Session 5 (November 2021): Collaborative discussion to connect on strategic design and creativity of statewide wellbeing approaches 
H:  We will dive into wellbeing work as being grounded in Habit to make positive impact on population Health.
  • Session 6 (December 2021): Tap into habitual reinforcement and how to take action through your professional growth

Apply today for TECH Training 2021!

TECH Training is open to 10 innovative wellbeing professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin. If you are interested in applying, please complete your application and send it back to by June 21, 2021

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If you have questions regarding TECH Training 2021 please contact


Important things to note in regards to TECH Training: 

This group has limited capacity of ten (10) wellness professionals who manage their internal organizational wellbeing initiative 
This group will meet one (1) time per month for six (6) months.
The cost to participate is $299 (WCWI Member) 
All participants in the group will have access to Continuing Education credits (*subject to need and approval)
If you have further questions in regards to TECH Training, please direct them to Katie Reiels at

Benefits of joining WCWI's TECH Training community:

Together, The TECH Training group will:

  • Participate in WCWI's advanced virtual training collaborative with like-minded wellbeing practitioners statewide.

  • Have the opportunity to support each other in organizational strategy and professional growth through a variety of channels.

  • Receive an innovative industry book, access to exclusive resources and facilitated discussion around a multitude of wellbeing topics.

TECH Training graduates will: 

  • Receive ongoing support from WCWI and the community of TECH Training participants through a collaborative learning platform.

  • Contribute to the development of a Well Practice resource to be featured on the WCWI Member Dashboard.

  • Receive recognition for their commitment to transforming Wisconsin's workforce at our Annual Awards Ceremony.

In order to effectively capture the collective power of TECH 2020, we created a TECH Manifesto statement that represents a combination and unique blending of their improvement goals. This statement serves as a foundation of what this group believes to be true and what they can turn to when they need a reminder of the value and impact of their work.

"We believe that we have to work together with a shared purpose of creating a culture in which can truly impact the health & wellbeing of our people. We believe in having difficult conversations and that these conversations provide value, strengthen relationships and drive wellbeing. We believe that innovation is necessary as we shift our strategies to best support our people in this new normal way of work. We believe in being persistent but also understanding. We believe in communicating to leaders through a collaborative and integrated approach to find a shared definition of what total wellbeing means to our employees and our business. We believe in ourselves and the influence we carry to create a culture of wellbeing. We are courageous, perseverant and collaborative. We believe we are much stronger and more impactful together than we are individually. We believe that it’s time to relay the intrinsic value of wellbeing that resonates with all people, despite their unique interests and barriers.  We believe that in order to truly care and value our employees, we must view health as not merely the absence of disease, but the rhythm of physical, mental and social components of the whole person." – WCWI TECH MANIFESTO