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Coming soon in 2020...

WCWI Roundtables:

Your Track for Connected Conversation.

Enhanced! The 2020 Roundtables will be offered as a quarterly in-person series (4 sessions per series) intended for wellness professionals who align in their development goals and shared interests. Choose one of three tracks with each track experience being unique in purpose, goal-setting structure, and discussion topics. You can register for any of the three tracks based on what interests you most, and you’ll join a robust and diverse mix of wellness peers to expand your network and gain perspectives from various industries. Additionally, each Roundtable participant will receive their own Prep-Kit provided before each session. This will include thought-provoking questions, concepts, and resources to bring maximum value to the conversation.  

Note: In 2020, all in-person Roundtables will be held in Southeastern Wisconsin.

More information and 2020 dates coming soon!

Choose the Track that is most meaningful to You!

Personal & Professional Growth 

Who should attend

Has focused goals to grow and develop skills unique to a wellness professional

Potential discussion topics

  • Resilience
  • Energy management
  • Critical conversations
  • Empathetic listening​

Organizational Impact 

Who should attend

Has focused goals to develop and impact organization's culture-focused wellness strategy

Potential discussion topics

  • Engaging leadership
  • Data collection and implementation
  • Programmatic support
  • Creating a culture of wellbeing

Topics of Wellbeing


Who should attend

Has focused goals to discuss new and developing topics that relate to employee wellbeing

Potential discussion topics

  • Addressing employee burnout
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Workplace policies and practices
  • VOI vs ROI

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Pricing for Roundtable Series Registration 

Series includes: 4 quarterly sessions

Corporate Members: $179
Associate Members: $199
Non-member: $229



Interested, but not local to the Milwaukee area?

Depending on interest, Virtual Roundtable series may be available. Fill out this form if you're interested in this option!

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