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Save on Night to Unite registration and a 12-month organizational membership!

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Join WCWI with a $100 discount for your first year of membership* when you purchase membership with your registration to WCWI’s Night to Unite. Your organization can become a WCWI Member at $500 (standard membership rate is $600), plus receive the member Night to Unite pricing AND a team discount! The WCWI membership instantly gives all employees at your organization access to the WCWI Member rate for the Annual Member Celebration and other statewide events.
*Offer valid for non-member organizations only. 
Pricing for Night to Unite:
WCWI Member: $129
Non-Member Rate: $159
Biggest Savings! New Member Rate: $500 Membership + $129 Night to Unite = $629

To access this discount, select the "Night to Unite + 1 yr WCWI Membership" within the Member Level of the registration forms.

Contact Casey Gonzalez at with any questions you may have.

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WCWI's Membership and Community: 

The ultimate goal of our membership is to help you be successful in designing a comprehensive employee strategy. Member benefits are designed to provide you with the tools, best practices, and a connected community of likeminded employers to transform your workforce and culture. 

A 12 month experience driving organizational impact through your professional development. 

  • We empower and equip people leaders and well-being strategists through tangible tools + resources and professional development. (Learning opportunities such as the Equip Email Series and Enrichment Sessions and resources such as the Member Toolkit) 
  • We advocate for the success of our members by widening the scope of employee well-being in Wisconsin and navigating the barriers in the industry. (Annual events like WCWI’s Member Celebration and WCWI’s Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference) 
  • We lead the common agenda of improving the well-being of Wisconsin’s workforce and communities. (Interactive workshops designed to support professional growth and continuing education such as Learning Circles and LEAD Workshops) 
  • We unite and build connections for well-being strategists and people leaders through peer networking and idea-sharing. (Opportunities such as the quarterly Member Connections and Member Resource Groups) 
WCWI's membership supports the employer as a whole, giving access to all employees involved with employee wellbeing. Your organization will receive one username and password to access WCWI's Member Dashboard, which is to be shared with every Wellness Team member, advocates within your company's senior leadership, employee wellbeing consultants, and decision makers. 
WCWI 12-Month Membership: $600 
Now $500 for the first 12-months with your 2023 Member Celebration Registration

*Discount offer valid for non-members only

  • WCWI Training Series - Coming in 2022!
  • WCWI Team Strategic Planning Series - Coming in 2022!
  • WCWI Coach-Approach Consultations - Enhanced!
  • WCWI Employee Burnout Survey - New for 2022!
  • WCWI Coach Connections
  • Discounts to WCWI’s Learning Agenda
  • WCWI Expert Contributors
  • WCWI Member Dashboard
  • WCWI Webinars
  • WCWI Well Practices
  • Wellness Challenges
  • WCWI Weekly News
  • WCWI Executive Leader Roundtables - Coming in 2022!
  • WCWI Member Resource Groups
  • WCWI Member 1:1 Connections
  • WCWI Members-Only Networking Events
  • WCWI Data Center: Statewide Surveys + Polls
  • WCWI Job Board
  • WCWI Leaderboard: Champions of Employee Wellbeing
  • WCWI Podcast: Changing the Narrative of Employee Wellbeing
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