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WCWI's Member Resource Groups are virtual connection calls with our member community. During these interactive conversations, we highlight WCWI resources, discuss industry trends, and share ideas around employee wellbeing topics. 

Industry Insights Revealed: The Current State of Employee Wellbeing & Engagement Report

June 6 | 2-3 PM | Zoom
Join Motion Connected & WCWI for our upcoming webinar to see how companies are investing in employee wellbeing & engagement today, and in the future. We’ll be unveiling our recently completed survey trend results to showcase how companies across WI and the nation are investing in employee wellbeing - enabling you to benchmark against the latest industry standards and make informed decisions to elevate your own organization's performance this year. 
We’ll reveal:
  • The current state of employee wellbeing trends within popular industries. (Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance, Construction, Healthcare, Non-Profits) 
  • How Wisconsin organizations compare to other organizations across the U.S.
  • What types of well-being initiatives companies plan to invest more (and less) in the upcoming months.
  • The effectiveness of mental health initiatives currently being offered.
  • How incentive levels, rewards and benefits play into overall employee engagement.
Join today to gain access to the webinar and the full trend report. 

Commitment to Responsible Networking
No speaker, WCWI representative, sponsor, or participant may use WCWI experiences such as Member Resource Groups, 1:1 Member Connections or WCWI’s virtual discussion platform to promote or sell specific products, services, companies, or organizations. Attendee information is provided at-will and for the purposes of networking, building professional relationships, and idea-sharing only. This information is not to be used for marketing, sales, promotions or outreach outside of the purposes described.

No party may release, disclose, or publish information or reports received in conjunction with WCWI experiences in a manner inconsistent with federal, state, or local laws and regulations. The Wellness Council of Wisconsin and all participating members will treat all business-sensitive information as confidential. Attendee lists are provided only to other registered attendees and for the purposes of networking, building professional relationships, and idea-sharing only.

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