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WCWI Student Membership

For over 30 years, employers have used the WCWI membership to collaboratively grow their wellness program, achieve national recognition, and get local support from the professionals who have grown Wisconsin into the nation’s most recognized wellness leaders.  Now, we're delighted to announce that full-time Wisconsin students can have access to a membership with WCWI and also with WELCOA (a value of $450)!  Students will have access to best practices of data driven wellness programs, 500+ local and national resources and tools, and more!

WCWI Student Membership:  $125/year

*The WELCOA Membership includes national certification courses; WELCOA Seven Benchmarks; national WELCOA Faculty Status; and 530+ employee education materials, planning templates, surveys, and more!
Requirements:  Students must be full-time students, with a valid email representing an educational system based in Wisconsin or the student must reside in Wisconsin.  In addition, this membership is intended for students who do not represent an employer (collaborate with an employer regarding wellness initiatives) or their individual wellness services.



Looking to register a group of students?  Contact us at to discuss your options and additional benefits! 

Students have access to WELCOA Certification Courses!

WELCOA Certifications offer members a way to stay current with best practices in forming wellness programs and encouraging healthy behaviors. Whether you want to launch a successful workplace wellness program or learn about wellness program evaluations and metrics, WELCOA has a wellness certification for you. All certifications are included in the membership, and offer additional continuing education units to SHRM & HRCI!

Students can also earn their WELCOA Faculty designation which demonstrates exceptional commitment and dedication to pursuing excellence in workplace wellness. WELCOA Faculty Members are poised to address a higher level of challenges faced in today’s organizations. Students would need to complete four WELCOA Certifications Series over a 2 year period.


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