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The ultimate goal of our membership is to help you be successful in designing a results-oriented wellness program. Member benefits are designed to provide you with the tools, information, and resources necessary to better contain costs, improve employee health, and increase participation. 


Take advantage of our BLACK FRIDAY savings November 19-30!

A savings of $95 on our Associate membership for new members-- the lowest membership price we offer all year. 



ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  starting at $395/yr $300/year
  • Member Orientation
  • Well Workplace Award Orientation
  • Ask the Experts! Hotline
  • The Wellness Partner: your resource guide
  • Well Happenings e-Newsletter
  • Well Practices (archived best practices in Wisconsin)
  • Member Polls and Data
  • Live Well Toolkit
  • Wellness Challenge Toolkits
  • Expert Resource Navigation
  • Job Postings
  • Member Referral Opportunities
  • Private WCWI LinkedIn Group Access
  • Mayo Clinic Health Reference Library Discount
  • Annual Conference Discount (local & national)
  • Annual Pre-Conference Discount 
  • Learning Circle Series Discount
  • Well Workplace University Discount
  • Roundtable Series Discount
  • Regional Workshops Discount
  • Light of Wellness Awards
  • WELCOA Membership*

*The WELCOA Membership includes national certification courses; WELCOA Seven Benchmarks; national Well Workplace Award; and 320+ employee education materials, planning templates, surveys, and more!

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP:  starting at $495/yr 
Corporate members receive all benefits of the Associate level membership, in addition to the benefits listed below.
  • Additional Annual Conference Discount
  • Additional Annual Pre-Conference Discount
  • Additional Learning Circle Series Discount
  • Additional Regional Workshop Discount
  • Additional Well Workplace University Discount
  • Additional Roundtable Series Discount
  • Free Wellness Brochure Upon Renewal
  • Free WCWI Folder Upon Renewal
  • Mentor Program Eligibility
  • Well Workplace Award Application Consultation
  • Well Workplace Award Designation Consultation and Promo Toolkit
  • One-on-one Consultation with WCWI staff
  • Well City USA Eligibility


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With each membership, your organization can choose how many delegates to include! Delegates receive a username and password, specific to them, which allow them to directly access the resources and tools locally and nationally.  Most importantly, becoming a delegate gives you the opportunity to earn WELCOA's elite Faculty status by completing national certification courses and trainings! 
  Associate Corporate
1 Delegate $395 $300 $495
2 Delegates $550 $455 $630 
3 Delegates $825 $730 $875 
5 Delegates $1,375 $1,280 $1,425 
10 Delegates $2,750 $2,655 $2,800 
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