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The ultimate goal of our membership is to help you be successful in designing a results-oriented wellness program. Member benefits are designed to provide you with the tools, information, and resources necessary to better contain costs, improve employee health, and increase participation. 



ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  starting at $395/yr
  • Member Orientation
  • Well Workplace Award Orientation
  • Ask the Experts! Hotline
  • The Wellness Partner: your resource guide
  • Well Happenings e-Newsletter
  • Well Practices (archived best practices in Wisconsin)
  • Member Polls and Data
  • Live Well Toolkit
  • Wellness Challenge Toolkits
  • Expert Resource Navigation
  • Job Postings
  • Member Referral Opportunities
  • Private WCWI LinkedIn Group Access
  • Mayo Clinic Health Reference Library Discount
  • Annual Conference Discount (local & national)
  • Annual Pre-Conference Discount 
  • Learning Circle Series Discount
  • Well Workplace University Discount
  • Roundtable Series Discount
  • Regional Workshops Discount
  • Light of Wellness Awards
  • WELCOA Membership*

*The WELCOA Membership includes national certification courses; WELCOA Seven Benchmarks; national Well Workplace Award; and 320+ employee education materials, planning templates, surveys, and more!

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP:  starting at $495/yr
Corporate members receive all benefits of the Associate level membership, in addition to the benefits listed below.
  • Additional Annual Conference Discount
  • Additional Annual Pre-Conference Discount
  • Additional Learning Circle Series Discount
  • Additional Regional Workshop Discount
  • Additional Well Workplace University Discount
  • Additional Roundtable Series Discount
  • Free Wellness Brochure Upon Renewal
  • Free WCWI Folder Upon Renewal
  • Mentor Program Eligibility
  • Well Workplace Award Application Consultation
  • Well Workplace Award Designation Consultation and Promo Toolkit
  • Checklist Assessment Consultation
  • Well City USA Eligibility


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With each membership, your organization can choose how many delegates to include! Delegates receive a username and password, specific to them, which allow them to directly access the resources and tools locally and nationally.  Most importantly, becoming a delegate gives you the opportunity to earn WELCOA's elite Faculty status by completing national certification courses and trainings! 
  Associate Corporate
1 Delegate $395 $495
2 Delegates $550 $630
3 Delegates $825 $875
5 Delegates $1,375 $1,425
10 Delegates $2,750  $2,800
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*This discount of available for new member organizations only.


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