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The WCWI Leaderboard: 2019 Champion


Carri LaPlant (Consultant, Appleton)


Current Organization: Advocate Aurora Health
Job Title: Coordinator, Wellness Services & Employer Clinics 
Industry: Healthcare 
Years in the Field: 18 years
Organization size: 70,000 Team Members across Eastern Wisconsin and Eastern Illinois 
 “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”
What does this nomination and selection mean to you?
When I received the notification that I had been selected, I had to read it twice as I was surprised.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to do more.  More for my family.  More for my friends.  More for my client organizations and Aurora.  More for my church and community.  Being nominated by two individuals and ultimately selected as a Champion for WCWI is very gratifying!  
What is one long term goal you have for your organization’s employee wellbeing strategy, or those of the employers you serve?
I encourage the employer organizations that I partner with to lessen their focus on incentives and instead focus their goals on making wellness FUN!  This past week I attended a kick-off meeting at a new client company.  At the start of the kick-off meeting, two of their Wellness Committee members came jogging into the conference room to “Let’s Get Physical” in athletic gear with lime green and hot pink sweatbands around their wrists and foreheads (think Richard Simmons).  The tone of their new wellness program is now set!!    I will continue to encourage infusing fun into employee wellbeing with all of the employers I serve.  
What is your vision for the future of employee wellbeing?
In addition to the fun factor, my vision for wellbeing is to craft it to be as unique as each person is.  I see this individualized approach becoming the norm in workplace wellness and an accepted practice across all industries.  
How does your work contribute to transforming Wisconsin’s workforce?
In addition to my role at Advocate Aurora partnering with employers in their worksite wellness programming, I am honored to hold the seat of President for the non-profit Well City Fox Cities based in Appleton, WI.  In November 2018 Well City Fox Cities was awarded the coveted Well City USA designation by WELCOA for the second time. With the achievement of two Well City designations, this showcases over 10 years of commitment to this region and aligning employers through the Well Workplace process.  I am so grateful to Advocate Aurora for giving me the opportunity and necessary time to be a part of the Well City Fox Cities Executive Committee.  I have met so many talented wellness professionals and look forward to keeping wellbeing in the forefront of the Fox Cities’ employers.  
If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would the slogan be?
I recently attended an Expo at my son’s middle school.  One of the middle school classes created a board titled, “Take what you need.  Leave what you can.”  On the board were inspiration quotes and water color art.  The following quote struck me, and I have since adopted it as my personal mantra, “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”.  I recite this mantra as a positive way to start and then reflect on my day. 
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