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WCWI is collaborating with KyndKit to provide WCWI member organizations a simple, yet meaningful, way to support their employees to do good things. Why? Because doing good things improves mental wellbeing. Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to impact the mental wellbeing of your employees, while doing something good for the community at the same time. 

Join the statewide cause by making the pledge and participating the week of April 20!

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"Doing an act of kindness produces the single most reliable increase in wellbeing [for the doer] of any exercise we've tested. Here is the exercise: find one wholly unexpected kind thing to do tomorrow and just do it. Notice what happens to your mood."
- Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology




-Healthcare Workers Gratitude 
-Care Package for Seniors

Learn about what's include for each project.



WCWI's KyndKit e-store

Are you interested in bringing simple, yet meaningful, ways for your employees to volunteer? We're happy to extend a 10% discount on KyndKit purchases through the WCWI e-store with promo code WCWI10Please note,orders may take one week to fullfill and ship.  Find more about the project types here.

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