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Let's Deliver Gratitude Together

WCWI is collaborating with KyndKit to provide WCWI member organizations a simple, yet meaningful, way to support their employees to do good things. Why? Because doing good things improves mental wellbeing. Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to impact the mental wellbeing of your employees, while doing something good for our local healthcare professionals who are serving on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Join the statewide cause by making the pledge and participating the week of April 20!

All WCWI members receive 10% off KyndKit purchases through the WCWI with promo code WCWI10.
Order KyndKits Through WCWI
What are Kyndkits?
KyndKits are volunteer projects that can be delivered to a home or office. Each kit includes 100% of the supplies needed to complete the project. When your kit arrives, open it up, follow the instructions and make an impact! These can be done at home, at the office, or virtually wherever your employees are working right now. 
The Healthcare Gratitude KyndKit includes (kit contents may vary based on inventory and need): Gratitude practice, Kynd Code, Kynd Card, Blank card and envelope, Crayons and pen to decorate a card, Large white envelope to pack the kit, Stress ball, Fidget spinner, Granola bar, Mints, Ginger chews, Eye mask, Flavored drink mix, Earplugs, Coffee packet, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lotion, and Lip balm.
Here's how to join the cause and deliver gratitude together: 
  1. Make the pledge by completing the short form below. WCWI will walk you through your next steps and introduce you to ProjectHelping|KyndKits.
  2. Order your HealthCare Gratitude KyndKit for your employees and have the projects delivered to their homes or to their office.  Order through WCWI to receive your additional 10% discount - an offer we're extending to all Wisconsin employers, not just WCWI Members.  Please note, orders may take one week to fulfill and ship. 
  3. Guide your employees to complete the KyndKit during the week of April 20 and share their virtual volunteer experience on social media with these hashtags: #bekyndwisconsin #volunteerfromhome and #virtualvolunteer. You can get creative to use this as an opportunity to connect and convene your team together during the week of April 20 – spend time virtually completing your KyndKits and sharing stories of gratitude! Encourage families, roommates, and significant others to join in! 
  4. Employees can either send them to a local healthcare professional/location of their choice or mail them back to KyndKit at no cost.   The postage to send the kit back to KyndKit can be found at this link: 
Placing bulk orders for employees working in various locations: 
KyndKit can build a custom form for each company and allow their employees to place the orders directly. Once your employees start placing orders, KyndKit can ship them their kits within 2 business days.  
How it works:
• KyndKit creates a form for you (Sample form:
o You provide KyndKit your logo and copy for the form.
o Choose the quantity each employee can order.
 Some companies have provided one kit per employee. 
 Some have chosen to do one per employee plus one per family member.
• Provide the custom discount code of WCWI10 for your employees.
o Additional discount options in support of your employees:
 You can pay for 100% of the kit and shipping.
 You can pay for the kit and ask employees to pay shipping.
 You can share the overall cost.
o KyndKit will invoice you after your employees have placed their orders
• Employees place their order with the discount code provided.
• We ship the kit(s) directly to their home.
• 100% of what they need is in the kit.
o Each kit has unique instructions on how to build it. The instructions include delivery options.
 Employees can mail or deliver the kit locally. Otherwise, they can ship the kit back to KyndKit, free of charge, and they will distribute them in bulk.  The postage to send the kit back to KyndKit can be found at this link:
Set up your bulk order
*This is an email link to Justin Kruger, with KyndKit, to support shipping KyndKits to multiple locations.
Contact with questions.

The benefits are two-fold.

Make the pledge to deliver gratitude to Wisconsin’s healthcare workforce the week of April 20, 2020:

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