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Mettie Spiess, CWP, CPHSA

Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor
International Speaker-Trainer
If you want to protect your employees’ minds in these panicked times, Mettie Spiess is the workplace mental health safety expert to connect with! 
Dubbed the “stigma-crusher”, over 20 industries across 35 countries have successfully utilized her proven Voice. Value. Vigilance. process to support employee mental wellbeing and reduce the risk of crisis.
Blending her personal experience as a suicide loss survivor and her professional expertise, Mettie founded A World Without Suicide (AWWS) to help employers protect the mental wellbeing of their valued employees.
In 2016, the National Alliance on Mental Illness awarded Mettie the Education Advancement Award for her work to end the stigma associated with mental illness. The impact strategies delivered in her signature keynotes and trainings are based on her decade of experience in the mental health and safety field.
     -Archived Webinar: Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing in Your Workplace (May 2020)
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For employees to thrive in today’s unprecedented pace and pressure, mental wellbeing is key! 
AWWS is a training and consulting firm that helps workplaces effectively support employee mental wellbeing to reduce the risk of costly crisis. Employers in 22 industries across 35 countries have utilized AWWS’ digital and live certified mental health safety trainings to support their employees and their bottom line. Their process customizes programs to be fully aligned with employers’ needs and unique industry challenges.
AWWS is a trusted WCWI Expert Contributor. Visit to explore the ROI your workplace can expect!
How we support employers:
  • Certified Leadership Trainings (Live & Virtual)
  • On-Demand Digital Mental Health Resources 
  • Policy & Protocol Development
  • Employee Motivational Keynotes
  • Strategic Program Design & Implementation
  • Risk-Reduction Consulting
  • Culture Assessments
  • Stigma-FREE Campaign Creation & Implementation
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Connect with Mettie to support your employees’ mental health, safety, and success!


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