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Well Workplace University

Well Workplace University, WELCOA's flagship training program, is a unique opportunity that will help you learn about the art and science of developing results-oriented wellness programs by immersing you in the "real world" of worksite wellness. Drawing from the actual experiences and practices of the best-run programs in the country, this course will expose you to a practical framework for building a successful program.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Master the fundamentals of WELCOA's 7 Benchmarks
  • Be able to build an effective results-oriented worksite wellness program
  • Systematically improve the health status of your employees
  • Create bottom line results for your organization




Well Workplace University Sessions

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The Second Generation.

Each Participant Will Achieve Well Workplace Certification

By participating in Well Workplace University, you will be Well Workplace certified, acknowledging that you have reviewed and applied the critical benchmarks of results-oriented worksite wellness programs. To recognize these accomplishments, you will receive your "diploma" at the completion of the program and will become part of a national network of certified Well Workplace practitioners and take one step towards earning WELCOA Faculty status. 



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