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Power Tools: Constructing Key Competencies with Power Skills

with featured speaker, Dr. Eric D. Waters

Wednesday, June 23 | 2:00 PM- 3:30 PM

Session Description:

Historically, our increasing dependence on e-commerce, Web 2.0, and now AI has highlighted the necessity of hard or technical skills. However, contemporary research continues to find a sustained high demand for soft or power skills as they positively correlate with job fulfillment and wellbeing. This session offers participants four competencies composed of power skills useful for achieving personal and organizational goals.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Apply communication aspects of servant leadership to engage in healthy coaching conversations 
  2. Perform personal needs assessments to enhance self-awareness of strengths and opportunities for growth 
  3. Reimagine “soft” skills as power skills that augment resourcefulness as a core competency 
  4. Recognize and exert influence regardless of organizational level

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Eric D. Waters is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies in the Diederich College of Communication at Marquette University. At Marquette, Dr. Waters teaches graduate and undergraduate coursework in Organizational Communication, Corporate Communication, Managerial Communication, and Financial Communication. A self-proclaimed “pracademic,” Dr. Waters enjoys applying research findings through coaching and mentoring business leaders. In July of 2020, he joined the team of Sales Trac Training as an Executive Coach/Consultant.

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