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The Science and Art of Corporate Compassion

The Science and Art of Corporate Compassion

Skill Building Session I | 10:00 AM
Speaker: Aaron Hunnel, CWP, CIC, Owner of High Thrive Wellbeing
Description: A culture of health is the foundation of creating a sustainable workplace wellness strategy, but the methods to truly create a culture of health can be challenging. In this session, we’ll constructively disrupt the status quo by applying ideas and concepts like empathy and corporate compassion in the workplace. We’ll examine both the science and the art of creating trust, resolving conflict, and empowering employees and we’ll discover the impact that these concepts have on the culture of your organization. No matter what industry you work in – manufacturing, education, health care, corporate business or the public sector – the lessons and tools that you’ll learn in this session will help you pave the way to a comprehensive culture of health.
  • Understand the neurobiological impact of compassion, empathy, and trust, and how they influence us at work. 
  • Articulate the importance of workplace culture and how it impacts an employee’s health. 
  • Generate at least one person-centered idea or initiative that will enhance workplace culture. 
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Speaker Biography: 
Aaron is a U.S. Army Veteran, business owner, author and endurance athlete who believes that people are the greatest gift in life. His work has influenced the hearts and minds of people all over the world as he empowers them to live authentic, fulfilled lives. Aaron started his own company because he saw a need for businesses to take a new strategic approach to comprehensive workplace health. His research focuses on 4 pillars that help businesses create a culture of wellbeing, train leaders to become emotionally intelligent, break down silos to develop cohesive teams, and empower employee autonomy so people can feel fulfilled by their work. Aaron is a certified wellness practitioner, certified intrinsic coach, WELCOA Top 25 Wellness Professional, but his favorite titles are: husband, dad, adventurer, and human.


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