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Weighty Issues in the Workplace

Skill Building Session III
Title: Weighty Issues in the Workplace
Speaker: Lori Klos, PhD, RD, Associate Professor and Nutritional Sciences Program Director, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Description: When it comes to overweight and obesity among adults, many assumptions are often made: it is unlikely that adults with “overweight” bodies can be healthy; overweight adults are likely not engaging in healthy eating or activity practices; it is “dangerous” for overweight individuals to accept their bodies because that might lead to health-related behavioral complacency; weight loss is the only path to improved health and wellbeing. Assumptions are often made about “normal” weight persons as well: normal weight bodies are likely healthy bodies; normal weight adults must practice healthy behaviors on a regular basis; normal weight individuals would probably not benefit from workplace wellness interventions. This session will explore these assumptions from an evidence-based perspective and present alternative ways of thinking about weight, health, and wellness and actionable steps to promote a weight-inclusive workplace for all employees.
  • Describe the prevalence of weight stigma within the workplace.
  • Identify the consequences of weight-related discriminatory experiences on adults’ weight status, health-related behaviors, and psychological wellbeing.
  • Differentiate the Health At Every Size paradigm from a traditional dieting and weight loss paradigm.
  • Summarize the relationship between body satisfaction and weight status, health-related behaviors, and psychological wellbeing.
  • Identify specific steps that can be taken to cultivate a weight-inclusive workplace that facilitates health and wellbeing for all employees.
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