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A Culture of Kyndfulness to Enhance the Mental Wellbeing of Your Employees

Skill Building Session II | 11:30 AM

Speaker: Justin Kruger, Founder at Project Helping and KyndHub

Description: Serving others has a proven benefit in mental wellbeing for the person doing the service. Have you ever thought about how to incorporate more service and volunteerism into your wellness strategy, not only for the benefit of the community but for the impact it will have on your employees? Kyndfulness is a daily practice of volunteerism, intentional acts of kindness, gratitude, connection and reflection that can be infused into your culture as a proactive method to positively impact your employees, and your community alike. We’ll explore this innovative way to connect your organization’s wellness strategy and your organization’s community and philanthropic involvement for the true benefit of all.
  • Identify what Kyndfulness is, how to practice it, and how to build it into your organizational culture
  • Explore how volunteer programs can mutually benefit employee wellbeing and community impact
  • Understanding how gamification can improve participation in your community and mental wellbeing programs


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Speaker Biography:  
Justin grew up in a town of 900 people in Northwest Iowa. After living with his own mental wellness challenges for most of his adolescence and adult life, he was fortunate to stumble upon volunteerism as an outlet and tool to build his own mental health. This experience led him to be the Founder and CEO of Project Helping, the first organization to connect the mental wellness benefits of volunteerism with community improvement. Project Helping was his first entrepreneurial venture and is focused on improving mental wellness through volunteerism and practicing kyndfulness. Justin and Project Helping also created and pioneered the concept of Kyndfulness and the gamification of Kyndfulness with the launch of KyndHub as a social enterprise to make practicing kyndfulness more social. In doing so they also created an actionable way for companies to improve the mental wellness and culture within their company.


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