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The Third Wave: The Future of Work, Well-Being & Engagement

Skill Building Session I
Title: The Third Wave: The Future Of Work, Well-Being & Engagement
Speaker: David Hunnicutt, PhD. David Hunnicutt, Int’l LLC
Description: Your attention please:  No one is coming to save you, your employees, or your organization. Whether we like it or not, we are on our own.  Our work, our careers, our organizations and our impact is 100% our responsibility—ours and ours alone.  In fact, gone are the days where you can rely on a “one-job” career. Gone are the days where organizational loyalty equals career longevity.  Gone are the days where people can hide behind their degrees. And gone are the days where we can rely on others to take care of health, well-being, finances, and career path.  Designed specifically for decision-makers and wellness leaders of all kinds, this keynote is as compelling as it is informative.  If you are looking to learn more about the future of work, health and engagement, this is the session for you.
Objectives:In this enlightening and motivating session, David Hunnicutt will immerse those in attendance into the trends that are reshaping the future of how we work.  By better-understanding these important developments, participants will be able to:
• Identify the five most significant trends that will completely transform the way we work and stay healthy;
• Quantify the implications of what these trends mean for you, your employees and your organization;  and
• Determine the appropriate strategies for flourishing in the new world of work.
Speaker Biography: 
When it comes to helping leaders create meaningful and enduring change, David Hunnicutt is one of the nation’s best. Driven by an ardent passion for building cultures that work, he has helped leaders from all walks of life create change–especially when that change is hard. Throughout his career, David has worked with thousands of companies and countless individuals to help them better understand the art and science of creating change; the kind of change that transforms corporate culture and produces results.  By leveraging the very best research in the areas of health and well-being, creating change by design and building cultures that work, David makes his living helping leaders and organizations succeed in making the hard things happen. A persuasive communicator, Dr. Hunnicutt has shared his research and ideas with leaders and change agents from such groups as the United Nations, Union Pacific Railroad, John Deere, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Motors, Notre Dame University, the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, the National Chamber of Commerce, the Department of the Navy, Stanford University, ConEdison, Johnson & Johnson and many, many others. Over the last two decades, Dr. Hunnicutt has delivered more than 500 keynotes for some of the most notable business and health conferences in the country. Prior to establishing David Hunnicutt, Int’l, David was the CEO of WELCOA for twenty years. Under his leadership, WELCOA became one of the most respected business and health organizations in the country. During his time at WELCOA, David was responsible for establishing, articulating and differentiating the organization’s brand to ensure that WELCOA dominated the health and culture segments of the marketplace. Academically, David tailored his undergraduate experience on better understanding the science of health and human performance and how it impacts employee engagement, productivity and well-being. In both of his graduate degrees, Dr. Hunnicutt zeroed in on dissecting the science of how effective leaders create change by design and build cultures that work.David Hunnicutt’s opinions and expertise have appeared in such news services as the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Bloomberg Business Week, CBS News, Reuters and the Boston Globe.
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