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Rebels with a Cause: Building an Out-of-the-Box Wellness Initiative That Works

Skill Building Session III
Title: Rebels with a Cause: Building an Out-of-the-Box Wellness Initiative That Works
Speaker: Michelle Spehr, MA, M.Ed., MCHES, CWWPC, CWF, Health and Wellness Consultant, The Benefit Services Group, Inc. and Shawn Gulyas, Vice President - Human Resources, La Macchia Enterprises (LME)
Description:  Wellness programs work when they follow best practices, right?  Then why do so many companies miss the mark when it comes to addressing employee health and well-being?  It’s time to rethink traditional wellness paradigms and take a look at cutting-edge approaches and next practices.  Michelle Spehr, a thought-leader in this movement, will describe the key organizational attributes that support a thriving workforce culture and delve into a game-changing value proposition you won’t want to miss.  Joining her in the movement is Shawn Gulyas, who will share how a world leader in leisure travel diverted from a textbook approach to a cultural revolution.  LME’s journey led to launching their innovative LME365 initiative that has impacted both employee well-being and business performance.
  • Learn how to elevate wellness to a primary component of your corporate culture.
  • Learn about the key organizational attributes that support a thriving workforce culture.
  • Learn how one employer launched an innovative program that impacts both employee well-being and business performance.    
Speaker Biography: 
Michelle Spehr is a health and wellness consultant with The Benefits Services Group where she provides strategic direction and assistance with the planning, implementing, and evaluating of employer-sponsored health promotion and wellness initiatives. Her approach involves expanding the wellness value proposition beyond reducing employee health risks to creating the conditions where employees can bring their best selves to work each day. In 2015 Michelle was recognized as the Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) Wellness Adviser of the Year and her professional credentials include certifications as a Master's level Health Education Specialist (MCHES), a Worksite Wellness Program Consultant (CWWPC) and Faculty designation from WELCOA. She also serves as a board member for the UW Health and Wellness Management program and the Wellness Compliance Institute.
Shawn Gulyas is the Vice President of Human Resources at La Macchia Enterprises (LME).  He has worked with LME for over 20 years and has helped shape the company’s culture and direction on the wellness front.  The bottom-line success from LME wellness programming allowed for 8 years of no premium increases to team member’s benefits.  LME’s unique approach to wellness is built around the company’s pillars of purpose, balance, nutrition and movement.  It is best summed up in one of the organization’s core values – Be Well, Work Well, Live Well.
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