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Creating Meaningful Employee Experiences: Using Design Thinking to Solve the Toughest of Worksite Wellness Challenges

Skill Building Session II
Title: Creating Meaningful Employee Experiences: Using Design Thinking to Solve the Toughest of Worksite Wellness Challenges
Speaker: Michelle Spehr, MA, M.Ed., MCHES, CWWPC, CWF, Health and Wellness Consultant,  The Benefit Services Group, Inc. and Tara Witt, BA, Employee Wellness & Engagement Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Schools
Description: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” - Albert Einstein.  This session will introduce the concept of design thinking, a human-centered method for innovation. In the field of workplace wellness, we aim to design interventions that will lead to positive lifestyle change for all people, however we often fall short in our ability to create programs that are, well, human. Michelle and Tara will walk participants through the steps of design thinking as a new way of identifying impactful solutions that address worksite health promotion problems by embracing empathy, collaboration, integrative thinking, optimism and creativity. If your wellness and well-being strategic planning approach feels mechanical and you’re frustrated that your current solutions are insufficient, join us!  It is time to see and do things differently.  Take the first step to explore how to use a new level of thinking to guide your wellness strategy.
  • Participants will be introduced to design thinking concept and learn how it differs from other approaches to problem-solving and strategic planning
  • Participants will experience the design thinking process first hand by using it to identify solutions for one of the following worksite wellness challenges:
    • ​How might we enhance our workplace to support personal health?
    • How might we create meaningful resources to support employee wellbeing?
    • How might we inspire employees to find more meaning in their work? How might we adapt our workplace to help employee feel energized and renewed at work
  • Participants will leave with practical resources they can use to continue exploring the concept at their worksites after the conference. 
Speaker Biography:
Michelle Spehr, MA, M.Ed., MCHES, CWWPC, CWF Health and Wellness Consultant, The Benefit Services Group, Inc. Michelle Spehr is a health and wellness consultant with The Benefits Services Group where she provides strategic direction and assistance with the planning, implementing, and evaluating of employer-sponsored health promotion and wellness initiatives. Her approach involves expanding the wellness value proposition beyond reducing employee health risks to creating the conditions where employees can bring their best selves to work each day. In 2015 Michelle was recognized as the Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) Wellness Adviser of the Year and her professional credentials include certifications as a Master's level Health Education Specialist (MCHES), a Worksite Wellness Program Consultant (CWWPC) and Faculty designation from WELCOA. She also serves as a board member for the UW Health and Wellness Management program and the Wellness Compliance Institute.

Tara Witt, BA, Employee Wellness & Engagement Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Schools. Tara Witt currently holds the position of Employee Wellness & Engagement Coordinator at Milwaukee Public Schools. In this role she oversees 300+ wellness programs, contests, and initiatives, 150+ locations, and 9,000+ staff members. Her love of learning and personal pursuit of well-being continues to guide her professional practice, alongside the influence and inspiration of the employees and families under her care. Prior to MPS, Tara worked as a Health Educator where she taught principles of health and wellness to thousands of students throughout Chicagoland each year. This practice opened her eyes to the health needs of school-based employees and ultimately inspired her transition into employee wellness. Tara received her B.A. in Health Promotion from the University of Iowa in 2010.

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