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BE YOU. BELONG. BE A LIFESAVER. Leverage the Power of Your People to Co-Create a Culture of Health

Skill Building Session I
Title: BE YOU. BELONG. BE A LIFESAVER. Leverage the Power of Your People to Co-Create a Culture of Health.
Speaker: Jesse Stukenberg, RN, BSN, RN Wellness Consultant, Bellin Health and Karla Brooks, Engagement Strategist, Bellin Health
Description:  While attending the MedCity ENGAGE conference, the out-of-the-box presentations helped us realize it wasn’t an administrator, human resources or wellness committee who could solve the “problem” of employee wellbeing. It was an inside job and each employee played a part.  In this presentation, participants will learn of the transformational story of how we wove elements of Positive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Community Organizing, Improvement Science and Innovation Development into our daily work and empowered people.  This has led to new service lines, improved health outcomes and sustainability for our organization, local employers and the communities we serve. What started out as a corporate health challenge has not only changed the landscape of our health system, it has spread throughout our region with people across our communities.
  • Learn creative ways to change messaging from physical wellness to a more holistic approach.
  • Apply Community Organizing concepts in daily work to receive buy-in to co-create a Culture of Health.
  • Understand Improvement Science and how small tests of change through PDSA cycles (Plan-Do-Study-Act) can add up to large scale improvement.
  • Walk away with hands-on tools, worksheets and strategies to improve interactions, inspire innovation and empower individuals to successfully co-create new programs.
  • Discover new Ways of Being to create safe and trustworthy spaces which facilitate engagement and connection.
  • Apply the power of peer-to-peer learning and support to increase engagement and maximize limited budgets and resources.
  • Receive access to a free, year-long wellbeing program with monthly materials, on-demand learning, inspirational Lifesaver stories and wellbeing library.
Speaker Biography:
Jesse’s business card identifies her as ‘Nurse Jesse’, but after listening to her story, one realizes that ‘Nurse’ Jesse is more than the traditional nurse who cares for a  person’s physical needs.  ‘Nurse’ Jesse is a person who in the broader sense of “nurse,” promotes, trains, fosters and develops new dimensions of life in others, and in the process enhances that life in herself.  After focusing too much on ‘checking the boxes;’ achieving socially acceptable goals, (i.e. academic degrees, ideal weight, marriage, kids, dream house) always striving…she woke up.  She now views her life NOT as just a process of achieving specific external goals such weight loss or a job titles.  She sees a ‘healthy life’ as a wholesome and holistic life.  Her goal is to change the way healthcare engages with the people they serve, viewing wellbeing as more than the just a healthy body but the whole person, including positive thinking and an expansive view of life, which includes a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Now, her ‘job’ is her personal mission or ministry, rather than a project or function or series of actions to be carried out. She is the first to admit, that she is simply the one who “goes before” and not the expert. Passionate, relatable and “a bit messy”, is how she prefers to be known.  Jesse has been married to her husband, Ben, for 17 years and they have two daughters (12 and 7 years old). She enjoys writing, running, dance, yoga, skate skiing, water sports, hiking, traveling and climbing mountains. She continuously challenges herself to never lose a sense of curiosity and to never stop growing.

At 33-years old and working for a large marketing firm promoting cookies and ice cream, Karla found herself in the ER with dangerously high blood pressure of 158/113, where the physician warned her she was on-track to have a heart attack before she turned 40. In search of the ‘good life,’ Karla had become a multi-tasking machine trying to be all things to all people. Knowing it was time to turn things around she made some significant changes in her life including training for a marathon, quitting her agency job and co-authoring the book “It Makes Me Happy – A Workbook to Help Individuals Discover Joy in Everyday Living,” Inspired by the effect these changes had on her life, she secured a role with a health care system where she could encourage other Type A workaholics like herself to embrace wellbeing, themselves and lead a more balanced life. Since that trip to the ER over 15 years ago, she has traveled the world, survived a divorce and has become an empty-nester. She continues to inspire, create, innovate and is working on her latest project, “Circle of Friends – A Healing Journey,” where ‘healing begins and empowerment takes root and grows.’ This makes her happy as does sharing the message with audiences in her backyard and around the world.

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