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Workplace Wellness: A Catalyst for an Engaging Life

Skill Building Session I

Title: Workplace Wellness: A Catalyst for an Engaging Life
Speaker: Tara Witt, BS, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Schools 
Description: For many years now, the conversation in the field of workplace wellness has centered around how to get employees engaged in our wellness programs. This question comes from an underlying belief that the health, happiness, productivity, and cost of our employees can be reduced into an ‘if-then’ equation. Unfortunately, we’ve found that a sequential approach to solve a cyclical problem leaves us with only partial results. In this session, attendees will be challenged to consider employee engagement on a larger scale. We will use what we know about employee engagement, as well as motivation and culture, to help our workplace wellness strategies evolve to meet the needs of our ever changing workforce. Let’s think beyond how to engage employees in a singular wellness program and consider what it would look like if our workplace wellness strategy in turn, shaped the way our employees engaged in their work, and their lives.  
• Explore the evolution of workplace wellness programs & discuss important milestones
• Re-define the relationship between employee engagement and wellness
• Discuss day to day applications that will continue moving your workplace wellness program and/or strategy forward
Speaker Biography: 
Tara Witt is a workplace wellness professional with expertise in program design, implementation, and promotion. Tara believes that work should be fulfilling and powerful experience that helps a person realize their life’s mission. Her passion for workplace wellness stems from this belief. In her role as Employee Wellness Coordinator at Milwaukee Public Schools, Tara designed a one-of-a-kind wellness strategy specifically to meet the needs of MPS’ diverse and ever changing workforce. Tara is a psychology enthusiast, active reader, terrible cook, and a reluctant (but diligent) exerciser.
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