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Get Real:
Uncovering Your Values-Based Organization


Shawn Gulyas, BFA, MFA
The Thought Catalyst, humanworks


Courage Track: Moral

Bring your organization to life through a values lens that speaks from the heart. Learn from real-life examples of organizations who have energized their environment and created a unique way of working through uncovering what was there all along. Are your current values professional or gutsy? Learn a process that brings your organization’s unique values to life as if they were one of your five senses making them tangible and actionable. Then learn how to let them elevate every human element they touch. Discover your “true north” and set the stage for your talent of tomorrow and your people of today. 

Learning Objectives: 
  • Participants will evaluate their organization’s current set of core values through a new lens.
  • Participants will learn a process to uncover the true values of their organization.
  • Participants will learn what people touchpoints can be impacted and elevated by core values.


This session is an approved provider of continuing education units (CEUs) through NWI and NCHEC, and pending approval for SHRM.

Speaker Biography: 

Shawn Gulyas is an experienced leader in cultural artistry. After working 25 years leading The Mark Travel Corporation/La Macchia Enterprises Human Resources team as their Vice President he decided to venture and out to help others bring life to work and work to life. humanworks the company he founded in 2019 works with organizations to focus on people touchpoints to leverage their innate humanity and foster empowered individuals, flourishing teams and thriving systems.  In addition to humanworks Shawn is the Chief Talent Officer for BVK – a Top 25 independent marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He has spoken nationally and shared best practices around understanding the three parts of the mind, well-being and building a culture centered on purpose and values while illuminating people’s natural instincts and unique abilities

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