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Be a Better Leader with Positive Psychology


Beth Ridley, MA, MBA,
Organizational Culture Consultant, Founder and CEO, The Brimful Life 


Courage Track: Creative

The coronavirus crisis has taught us that leading with optimism, empathy, courage and resiliency matter greatly during difficult times and that these qualities distinguish exceptional leaders from good leaders in all times. Fortunately, all leaders, including wellbeing professionals can strengthen these emotional connections and critical thinking skills by integrating simple best practices from positive psychology; the scientific study of what makes humans thrive, into your day-to-day leadership. As a result, you can build positive, committed and connected teams and organizational cultures that fuel success in good times and is a source of strength in difficult times.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the importance of emotional connection as a leadership competency 
  • Understand best practices around positive psychology principles and why they matter at work and for wellbeing
  • Learn and practice easy ways to integrate positive psychology best practices into your day-to-day leadership to transform workplace cultures


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Speaker Biography: 

Beth Ridley is a leadership expert and Founder/CEO of The Brimful Life, a workplace culture consulting firm. Beth believes positive and inclusive workplace cultures inspire us to dream big, learn more, lean in, and become better. These values and behaviors fuel our success in good times and our strength in difficult times. Beth combines her 25 years of corporate leadership and management consulting experience with expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to help leaders achieve better results by improving their leadership, team dynamics and your workplace culture.

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