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The Transformational Power of Social Connectedness at Work

Rachel Druckenmiller, BA, MS, Director of Wellbeing, Alera Group

Skill Building Session I
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Themes: Culture, Social Connectedness

Supports: Benchmark 5

When it comes to being healthy and thriving, what really matters? Many conversations in the wellness space focus on physical health, like the latest diet and fitness trends. Yet these prescriptive approaches to wellness tend to drive people apart more than they bring us together. Our society is more digitally connected than ever before, yet more than half of global employees are struggling with loneliness. Increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide point to an increasing state of emotional and relational disconnection, and this negatively impacts employee morale, performance, engagement, wellbeing, and our ability to thrive. At its core, connectedness is a universal human need and desire to belong, to feel like we are seen, heard, accepted and that we matter. Because we spend so many of our waking hours at work, businesses have a responsibility to step up and take steps to foster meaningful connection and a sense of community at work. 
We’ll explore the power of social connection and building community as a business imperative and wellbeing strategy through a combination of inspiring storytelling, compelling data and case studies from companies of varying sizes. You'll be equipped and empowered to be a change agent personally and professionally, increasing your own self-awareness, and leaving with tools you can bring back to your workplaces to foster connection and boost wellbeing, engagement, and morale.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Explore the compelling business case for elevating relational wellbeing at work and distinguish between fixing, helping and serving our employees.
  • Identify engaging strategies for connecting employees face-to-face and leveraging the power of technology to connect remote workers.
  • Experience several activities you can bring back to your workforce to foster connectedness.
  • Discover the power of storytelling to foster connection across all levels of your organization.


This program is an approved provider of continuing education units (CEUs) through NWI and NCHEC.

Speaker Biography: 

Rachel Druckenmiller, BA, MS is a catalyst who releases possibilities in people and in organizations and empowers leaders to contend for breakthrough in all areas of their lives. As a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and change agent with over a decade of experience, Rachel leads with enthusiasm, authenticity, and passion. Her mission is to rehumanize the workplace and boost health, happiness and performance by fostering connection, community and people-first leadership. She speaks at and consults with a wide range of organizations, associations, conferences, and retreats on the topics of wellbeing, mindful leadership, building thriving workplace cultures, and the transformational power of human connection. Rachel is a Licensed Thriving Workplace Culture Consultant through Salveo Partners, a Wellness Culture Coach through the Human Resources Institute, and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Health. She has a Master’s degree in Health Science with concentrations in Community Health Education and Health Administration and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In addition to her corporate work, Rachel shares her voice, stories, and hope through her lifestyle blog, Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen, and is a contributor to mindbodygreen.

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