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Shape Your Culture for Fulfillment

 Courtney Deimel, Vice President of People and Operations, Imperative

Mid-day Keynote
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Do you strive to bring the best out of yourself and encourage your colleagues and employees to do the same? A shift toward a fulfillment mindset will help you do just that. The employee value proposition is evolving and employees are looking to connect their purpose to their work. Moving from a focus on engagement, to a focus on fulfillment, will enhance the opportunity for people to flourish in their work environment. Fulfillment is a feeling people have when they are working with a sense of purpose, in alignment with what intrinsically motivates them. Courtney will lead us through the latest research on the connection between fulfillment and wellness. She will highlight opportunities to shift your culture by empowering people to enhance their relationships, impact, and growth. Through this interactive session you’ll discover new sources of fulfillment in your own career, you’ll practice activating this awareness with a powerful exercise, and you’ll leave with a roadmap for unlocking fulfillment at your own company.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Understand the latest research on fulfillment and its connection to employee wellbeing.
  • Activate a new aspect of your purpose to design a more meaningful work experience.
  • Learn how to unlock fulfillment at scale in your organization.


This program is an approved provider of continuing education units (CEUs) through NWI and NCHEC.

Speaker Biography: 

Courtney Deimel connects, inspires, and equips enterprise companies nationwide to create fulfillment for millions of employees. She leads as the VP of People and Operations at Imperative with emotional intelligence and genuine love for the Purpose 2030 mission. 

Before joining Imperative, Courtney created an award-winning workplace culture at Red Frog Events while fast-tracking the company’s growth. Red Frog Events produced events like the Warrior Dash and Firefly Music Festival which challenged more than 2 million people to embrace their true potential and unite as a community. Leveraging her past experiences, Courtney is a frequent advisor to purpose-driven employers looking to transform cultures for the new generation. She optimizes the employee experience for her clients around human connection and fulfillment. She is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) where she founded the club water polo team, which became #2 in the country during her tenure. You can find her enjoying the seat-back entertainment as she travels from clients to keynotes to visiting family in Erie, PA.

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