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Advancing a Culture of Compassion

Sarah Reed, PhD, Program and Evaluation Manager for Rogers InHealth, Rogers Behavioral Health

Skill Building Session III
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Themes: Culture, Case Study

Supports: Benchmark 2

How are we filling and re-filling our tanks and those of our colleagues and employees? Explore the concepts of compassion fatigue and resilience through activities that can be brought back to use with staff in your organization. The Compassion Resilience (CR) Toolkits offer information, activities, and resources to understand, recognize, and minimize the experience of compassion fatigue, and to increase compassion resilience perspectives and skills. Authored by a collaborative team made up of educators, community mental health practitioners and parents, the content of the CR Toolkit has been strongly informed by research and best practices related to resilience, positive psychology, compassion fatigue, organizational psychology, and mindfulness. The CR Toolkits are adaptable to any working environment and are especially meaningful for organizations in the following sectors: healthcare; human services; school and education systems; cities, counties and states.

In this session, you’ll learn a summary of the toolkit and how to utilize it, the ten principles of culture change, and how Rogers Behavioral Health used the foundational concepts from the toolkit to create sustainable culture change within their own organization.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Navigate and implement resources from the toolkits in their work setting. 
  • Discuss the implications of compassion fatigue and the role of systemic drivers on compassion fatigue. 
  • Understand how the toolkit can be implemented successfully by walking through two employer case studies.


This program is an approved provider of continuing education units (CEUs) through NWI and NCHEC.

Speaker Biography: 

Dr. Sarah Reed has a PhD from Michigan State University in Ecological-Community Psychology. Her research background has focused on community well-being and the development and evaluation of community-based programs designed to enhance mental, social and behavioral health. At Rogers InHealth, she works through partnerships to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges, trauma, and substance use.  She is also a part of the Wisconsin Initiative for Stigma Elimination (WISE), a state-wide coalition focused on building inclusion, support and hope for individuals and families living with mental health challenges.

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