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WCWI PODCAST: Changing the Narrative of Employee Wellbeing

Calling all wellness strategists, human resources professionals, culture designers, and people leaders. We believe that employee wellbeing is a foundational strategy and business priority for all employers. When we catalyze employee wellbeing as foundational, strategic, and systemic, we will have greater impact and outcomes on our people and business. Join WCWI for a series of expert interviews with executives, practitioners, and experts as we explore compassionate, people-centered conversations about employee wellbeing. If you are ready to reframe why and how organizations support the wellness of their employees, Changing the Narrative of Employee Wellbeing is for you.

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2022 Interview Series

In 2022, WCWI produced eight episodes exploring WCWI’s four guiding principles in depth and in action. Listen back on our previous episodes to hear from top wellbeing industry experts and WCWI members who are transforming their workplaces.


WCWI interviewed Zach Blumenfeld and Nick Lombardino, co-founders of CultureCon, a Madison-based organization on a mission to inspire positive change in organizational culture. This conversation with Zach and Nick embodies the spirit of one of WCWI’s guiding principles in action – bravely act together. WCWI and CultureCon align on our philosophies that if we can be conduits for people to share ideas, inspire one another, unite and support connections, and empower people to be culture change agents and wellbeing leaders within their organizations – we’ll continue to see a ripple of positive impact in our workplaces and our wider communities. Nick and Zach are full of good energy and awesome insight with Nick’s passion for social impact and Zach’s entrepreneurial ambitions – and their shared passion for making work more fun and fulfilling for everyone. They’ve dedicated the purpose of CultureCon to creating space for everyone interested in making positive changes in organizational culture. We talk about what organizational culture is and how organizations and individuals alike can bravely act together on the continuous culture journey.

 “So much of how we built our employee experience framework was derived from conference experiences and educational resources that I got from WCWI. I have a lot of gratitude for the gift of education and inspiration I received through your organization over the years.” 



WCWI interviews Kathy Chambers and Jessa Kinnamon, HealthTransformation Consultants at Dean Health Plan.

This conversationbrings light to one of WCWI’s guiding principles in action – craft the narrative. Who better to learn from than two people who are listening to, supporting, and coaching hundreds of plan members and employees in their wellbeing journeys? Kathy and Jessa are passionate professionals sharing important perspectives on what employees’ needs are, the methods they’ve found to truly impact wellbeing, and the success stories they’ve witnessed. These women are a wealth of energy and knowledge with Jessa’s background in public education and Kathy’s background in mental health counseling. Throughout the conversation, Kathy and Jessa enlighten us about what they’re observing as the highest wellbeing needs for people. They also dig in on the conversations about what wellbeing means, what wellbeing success looks like, and how to really listen with transparency, connection, and full attention. Their experiences inspire a continued practice of listening and responding to the needs of our people because that’s where the impact happens. Enjoy this delightful conversation with Kathy and Jessa!




In this episode, Marissa interviews Sue McKenzie Dicks, Vice President of Healthy Culture at Rogers Behavioral Health. Sue is a storied leader in the health and mental health field. Sue cares about supporting the whole person and she leads through acting in compassion and with curiosity. In this discussion, Sue takes us through her experiences and insight of digging deep into culture work. She talks about how Rogers is working to elevate the focus on their employees at all levels and is actively figuring out the really difficult business decisions that have to be made in order to stay true to elevating the focus on their employees. Sue is humble as she describes her experience in the culture work at Rogers and shares how her own leadership centers on cherishing people and their growth through all their complexities. This conversation digs into her insight and what she’s learned through the many phases of progress to form a safe, inclusive, and healthy culture and environment where everyone belongs.



2021 Interview Series


Confidence – a Key Attribute to Your Wellbeing Leadership

with Shawn Gulyas, The Thought Catalyst at humanworks and WCWI Expert Contributor
Episode Description: 
In this episode Shawn brings forward the idea that confidence is a key attribute for your wellbeing leadership. He shares insights from his own background and experience, and describes three recommendations for finding your own confidence boosters to support you in growing as a leader who is driving meaningful change and impact through your work. And if you’re listening to this episode before September 3 – there’s still time to register for WCWI’s 31st Annual Employee Wellbeing Conference in which Shawn will facilitate self-reflection moments throughout the conference to help attendees discover the core of their confidence



The Ripple Effect of Leading with Curiosity – a Conversation

with Heather Turner Loth, Practice Leader for Workplace Strategy, Project Development, and Associate Shareholder at Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) and a WCWI Expert Contributor
Episode Description: 
In this episode, Marissa Kalkman sits down with Heather Turner Loth, Practice Leader for Workplace Strategy, Project Development, and Associate Shareholder at Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) and one of WCWI’s Expert Contributors. Heather believes in the power that connections make and is passionate about creating an engaged workplace. As a leader at EUA, she and the leadership team model the importance that people are at the core of a company’s culture and ultimately its success. Marissa and Heather talk about the intersection of the workplace environment and employee wellbeing and how these two essential concepts can and should be strategically connected to make the employee experience better. Heather shares tangible examples and stories of leaders who value and believe in the significance of wellbeing and she describes the bold and vulnerable conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion that brought employees closer together at EUA. Heather leaves us with this advice - It’s an employers’ responsibility to lead with curiosity, ask the hard questions, and have the hard conversations. That is wellbeing. 



The Ingredients for a New Era of Leadership 

with Beth Ridley, Leadership and Organizational Culture Expert, Speaker, Author, and WCWI Expert Contributor
Episode 3 Description:
In this interview, Marissa Kalkman talks with Beth Ridley, Leadership and Organizational Culture Expert, Speaker, Author, and one of WCWI’s Expert Contributors. Beth describes what she calls a new era of leadership and how the pandemic has brought forward the crucial distinctions between a good leader and a great leader. She also shares her unique perspective on “the great resignation” and that it’s actually a good thing for the workforce overall. Beth talks about how workplace culture is connected to self-aware leadership and she explains the peak moments and the micro moments that ultimately form and foster a wellbeing-supportive organizational culture. She calls us to action several times and leaves us to think about: Simply by stepping in a room, you’re creating a culture. So are you going to be intentional about it or are you going to just let it happen?


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