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WCWI Enrichment Session: Tai Chi and Qigong for Enrichment and Empowerment

featuring Advocate Aurora Health





Comments from the session: 

  • This is awesome!
  • Yes, love this!  Exactly what I needed today!
  • Yes! This is excellent!!
  • The "Wassaaaa!" is something I didn't know I needed to let out.  And this philosophy woven in.  Perfect for today.
  • That was amazing!!! Thank you so much!
  • Gratitude, Peace, and Respect to all!
  • Enjoyed this a lot.
  • Great session. Very helpful. Thanks.
  • This is so inspiring that our groups and workplaces are so open to integrating this ancient wisdom that feels so good! Thank you for offering and thank you Dr. Burns.
  • What a great practice. Thank you!
  • This was wonderful!

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