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Enrichment Experience Application

In replacement of a traditional exhibitor experience, Enrichment Sponsors will create opportunities of enrichment and restoration for our conference attendees and WCWI network.  As an Enrichment Sponsor, you will have the ability to choose between hosting an in-person experience the day of conference or a 30-minute virtual session launched sometime in October-December.
These enrichment sessions can be skill-based development sessions and/or a guided restorative experiences that will give attendees a chance to explore various topics related to personal wellbeing, leadership, and overall professional development. These experiences will drive connection and provide an opportunity for you to showcase your organization’s expertise and services
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Locations for In-Person Enrichment at Green Lake Conference Center
We intentionally designed the retreat-styled conference with a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences to help us safely ease back into in-person events and revive our own wellbeing. Green Lake Conference Center, located on 900 scenic acres on the shores of Wisconsin’s deepest lake. Their ‘acre per person’ facility offers contemplative and inspirational quiet places and trails, soccer fields, indoor basketball courts, high and low rope courses with zip line, nationally ranked area golf courses and a 9-hole disc golf course – in addition to activities in and on the waters of Green Lake itself! 
In support of restorative experiences and networking, we've created longer breaks within the full-day conference agenda. The WCWI Staff will work with your Enrichment Sponsor representative to ensure that your experience aligns with the conference experience and fully utilizes the surroundings in support of connection and restoration.
Here's a map of the Green Lake Conference Center grounds. Please know, that all registered attendees will receive a custom map highlighting each of the restorative enrichment experiences hosted by Enrichment Sponsors and other key locations that are a part of WCWI's Annual Conference. 
1. Low-Ropes Course
2. Rose Garden
3. Memory Lane
4. Lone Tree Point
5. Vesper Circle
6. Hopevale Memorial in the Glen
7. Dawson Prairie or Hammer’s Trail
What does an Enrichment Experience (in-person or virtual) look like?
As an Enrichment Sponsor, you will have the ability to choose between hosting an in-person experience the day of conference or a virtual session launched to all WCWI's network sometime in October and December.
We empower you to be creative and invite you to propose two (2) different ideas for your enrichment experience. The WCWI team will review and potentially select one that is the best fit for the Conference and your organization. This is a great opportunity to make one-on-one connections with wellness professionals and leaders, introduce them to the vast skillsets you have, and have some fun. Ideas could include, but are not limited to:
  • Guided movement or physical activity, such as yoga, aerobic exercise, walking
  • Mindfulness, meditation, or breathing exercise
  • Leadership skill development or professional coaching
  • Nutrition, cooking
  • Art 
  • Creative thinking, brainstorming, ideation exercises, or games
  • Motivational coaching or goal-setting 
  • Skill-building in efficiency, organization, or planning
  • Social skills for the workplace such as empathy or interpersonal communication 
  • The experiences are intended for the attendees and may not be used as a sales presentation for services or goods.
  • To host an enrichment experience, your organization must be a registered Enrichment Sponsor for the WCWI Annual Conference.
  • WCWI has the right to refuse proposals but will do our best to work with all Enrichment Sponsors.
  • These enrichment experiences do not qualify for continuing education units. 
  • If virtual, WCWI will determine the date of your 30-Minute Enrichment Session (October-December) based on fit within the schedule of all offered sessions. 
  • If in-person, WCWI will collaborate with you on your experience to ensure it supports the attendees, and fits within the conference agenda, and venue.

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Deadline to register and submit your enrichment experience application is Friday, August 27.

The selection process is simple.
Fill out the short application form and propose two (2) enrichment experiences. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-reviewed basis by the WCWI staff. Once your experience is selected, WCWI will walk you through your next steps and invite you to an Enrichment Sponsor Training scheduled mid-September.


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