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Discover the Core of Your Confidence 

Shawn Gulyas, The Thought Catalyst with humanworks & WCWI Expert Contributor

You will work with Shawn Gulyas throughout the retreat on self-reflection moments that turn into clarity and action.  Have you ever considered strengthening your leadership core as you would your physical center?  People centered leadership starts with you.  Lean into what makes you truly unique by discovering the true essence of what you love to do.  Walk away from the retreat with a new perspective you can share with others.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Pause to become present as you embark on reframing and strengthening your people centered leadership skills. 
  • Reflect on your unique ability and learn how to take ownership of leading with your best self.
  • Challenge your mindset and build your confidence as you act on your unique ability and always laws.

WCWI is an approved provider of continuing education units (CEUs) through NWI, NCHEC, and SHRM.


Speaker Biography: 

Shawn Gulyas humanworks was born out of a belief that people matter. Period. Shawn exists to design and facilitate creative experiences that challenge one’s thinking and action – helping individuals and companies find their authenticity, breathe into their well-being, and elevate their people touchpoints.  
After a 25-year career filled with growth and learning with La Macchia Enterprises (LME) / The Mark Travel Corporation (TMTC) as Vice President of Human Resources, Shawn decided to venture out and get his hands dirty with other organizations in need of bringing their work to life through championing people. In less than a year, Shawn and his team have guided organizations in discovering what is at the core of their reason for being, developing unique performance management practices, enlivening their talent discovery process, establishing clarity in strategic planning and helping individuals add their greatest value through understanding their natural instincts and unique abilities. Think of Shawn as a “jump-starter” of energy and ideas around the belief that everyone matters and as a leader who creates cultures and communities where values, natural instincts and well-being are the essence of success.



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