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Advocating for Empathy to Create a Culture of Care

Liesel Mertes, Workplace Empathy Consultant & Founder at Handle with Care Consulting


Are you doing what it takes to help your people survive, stabilize, and thrive in the midst of disruptive life events?  A 2020 report on workplace empathy showed that 76% of employees directly linked productivity to the presence (or absence!) of empathy.  How your organization supports people in the midst of hard times matters; it supports the overall wellbeing of employees which ultimately drives retention, helps to attract talent, alters brain chemistry, and lets people know that you and the organization truly care.  

In this interactive and inspirational session, workplace empathy expert Liesel Mindrebo Mertes will equip you to be workplace first responders, offering empathy and compassion when it matters most.  You will leave this session feeling empowered to empathetically listen, equipped to lead with care, and to advocate for increased empathy as a cultural norm at your organization.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Empathetic listening:  how to convey support in what you say (and don’t say!)
  • Meaningful organizational gestures:  how to create replicable processes of care when faced with employee disruption 
  • Advocating for empathy:  how to bolster empathy, caring communication, and wellbeing at your company

 WCWI is an approved provider of continuing education units (CEUs) through NWI, NCHEC, and SHRM.


Speaker Biography: 

Liesel Mindrebo Mertes is an acclaimed workplace empathy expert. Having experienced her own loss and struggle, Liesel emerged with a deep understanding of what employees need to feel supported at work after a disruptive life event. Liesel works with companies spanning industries, from RV manufacturers to diplomats to tech companies, both locally and internationally. 

Her expertise is broad—loss, returning to work, cultivating resiliency, compassion fatigue, how empathy impacts the brain—and no disruption is considered less significant. On these topics, Liesel is a dedicated speaker, writer, consultant, and host of the Handle With Care podcast. She has worked in Nairobi, consulted in Fiji and led cohorts in Ghana. Her adventures brought her to Indiana, where she is a proud mother, wife and lover of time spent on the water. Through her actionable strategies, real life stories and passionate commitment, Liesel helps people survive, stabilize and thrive in the aftermath of adversity.


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