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NEW in 2022: WCWI's Change the Narrative Talks!

October 12 | 2:15-3:00 Networking
October 12| 3:00-4:30 Change the Narrative Talks


WCWI's Change the Narrative Talks are a new Conference experience for 2022. The Change the Narrative Talks will highlight individuals who have ideas or stories that describe boldness, bravery, and are beyond the usual limits of conventional thinking and action for employee wellbeing. They will also expand upon the mindset of WCWI's Guiding Principles in action.

WCWI believes that as a field, we must reframe wellbeing through a wider and deeper lens and that will contribute to employee wellbeing being valued as a fundamental strategy and business priority for all organizations. This session makes space for stories, experiences, and values that exemplify what really matters most. WCWI’s Change the Narrative Talks showcase the leading voices of WCWI’s members, leaders, and industry experts.

This high-energy session will begin with networking, refreshments, music, and building connections with your WCWI membership community!


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Meet the Speakers for WCWI’s Change the Narrative Talks



Dr. Nicole Eull 

Health Psychologist and VP of Therapy Services

Advocate Aurora Behavioral Health

Telling Tales: Stories That Can Transform Your Work Life

In this presentation, we will explore some stories that illustrate pillars of a sustainable work life rhythm and spark your imagination. You will be inspired to take simple but effective steps that will improve your mood, your work environment and your interactions with those around you.


AJ Kruse

The Concept Illustrator


Two Truths

I interviewed for my “dream job” … 24 hours later I was in UW’s Madison’s trauma unit with gunshot wounds, believing my chances of working there were long gone. Six months later, about to start that dream job, (which was no small miracle itself!) I wondered if I would be able to manage the often-debilitating symptoms of my PTSD diagnosis as I began my new role. This talk will focus on two truths that made it possible for me to be well, work well and live well as a member of that team despite the obstacles I faced.


Susan Morgan Bailey, SVP

Culture & Wellbeing Practice Leader

Marsh & McLennan Agency

The Future’s So Bright…

Hello, It's me, Susan Morgan Bailey. I've come back from the year 2032 to share the good news. All the awesome wellness, greater good, elevate the thriving of humanity blood, sweat and literal tears effort you put in worked! The people and our planet are prospering and I am back to encourage you to keep it up because the future looks bright, Baby!


Linda Golik

Health and Wellbeing Consultant

Bellin Health

Creating Psychological Safety for a Stronger Workforce

Bellin is implementing a cultural change, psychological safety program called Civilitas. Envisioned by one of Bellin's cardiac surgeons, Bellin found a need to implement a program to help employees feel safe and empowered as they faced the challenges of a workplace and world changed by COVID-19. By combining the talents and passions of a cross functional team, Bellin has seen improvements in safety concerns, relationships, and employee retention.


Brett Powell, BA, CWPC

Vice President, Wellness Consultant

American Institute for Preventive Medicine

 Zones of Engagement: Learning From those that Engage People Best

Zones of Engagement are the most effective examples of employee or customer engagement in the world. What can the well-being industry learn from other industries when it comes to getting employees to care about, and more importantly, sustain interest in their own well-being? It turns out, quite a bit.


Jeff Jara

Senior Talent Development Consultant, Assistant Vice President


The Simple Approach to Retaining Happy, Healthy Associates

Baird proves that even in high-pressure financial industries, you can keep your associates happy, healthy, and engaged. Learn how they place well-being at the center of Baird’s Core Beliefs and listen to their associates’ needs to develop a robust, holistic well-being program.

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