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Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) is the local WELCOA affiliate. As a respected affiliate for over 30 years, members of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin have access to both WELCOA and WCWI tools and resources. This 2-for-1 membership is exclusive to Wisconsin and provides organizations with the unique opportunity to Learn, Connect and Grow. Learn more about our mutual commitment to you.  

As Wisconsin’s premier resources for workplace wellness,
WCWI’s mission is to serve by:
  • Empowering organization in transforming culture to change lives;
  • Helping employers build comprehensive and sustainable programs;
  • Dedicated to local support with a national network;
  • Connecting over 700 likeminded professionals who support over 500 organizations.
As one of the nation’s premier resources for workplace wellness, WELCOA’s mission is to serve by:
  • Promoting membership;
  • Producing leading-edge publications and health information;
  • Conducting trainings that help workplace wellness professionals create and sustain results-oriented wellness programs;
  • Creating resources that promote healthier lifestyles for all working Americans.


"The Wellness Council of Wisconsin has been a leader in Wisconsin for over three decades, helping organizations build and sustain results-oriented wellness programs statewide. Through their affiliation with us they provide members with the most innovative wellness strategies and resources while providing a hands on approach that ensures the success of every organization they serve." 

Ryan Picarella

Ryan Picarella speaking at our 25th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference (2015).